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Mr. night

Dear Plantation [Open Freq]

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*Felix sighs as he turns on his radio and starts to talk with a serious tone*

Dear Plantation, it has come to my attention that some rather unfortunate events took place earlier today.......

*Felix rubs his face and clenches his fist*

I am a good guy I hope you do understand, I don't want problems and I believe we both want to live peacefully, you see I did what I had to do that Luka boy he's off his marbles he lies and exaggerates things, now talking about Luka, have some bad things happened to him sure, was it necessary i think it was you see kids don't have developed minds such as we adults  and this isn't an insult because he may have told you things that never occurred.

Hell we have all been through a lot, even me. Now i didn't like the fact that you wanted me a slave and i trusted you men yes i did, but you were taking me and it wasn't on my own accord even though you said we would have a talk.

*Felix rubs his hands together*

My conscience is clean and so are my hands i don't know about you folk, but you trying to redeem people or be the heroes you look like you want to be

that only leads me to question what kinds of bad things have you done to seek redemption through trying to change people who you view as are 'bad' people, who are you to make that decision or even fit to judge.

Addressing my escape well, its simple your man crashed and sustained injuries in that crash which rendered him unconscious and i went on my way, i don't want to be a slave to your people, and I'm sure you wouldn't either, like i said i don't need to be changed, its a dirty world out here and we do what we need to survive, this is a formality i don't want there to be problems ever again between you and I, Mr. Sly and i hope your man is doing well, yours truly, Mr. night

*You hear Felix throw his radio on his bed and hear him stomping out as the transmission cuts off*

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*Austin leans down grabbing his radio with a frown holding down the button*

"See here's where you're mistaken, Mark only took a few graze wounds from that pistol you tried to use on him. He's alright and I think you need to practice your aim a bit. I saw your boys chasing the bus up in the fields and I was just waiting for them to try anything. It was unfortunate that the crash happened and you decided to run. Well, unfortunate for you because before you were dealing with just the plantation who woulda taken you to their nice little farm and attempted to rehabilitate you. Now I think you'll be coming directly to me. You hurt an old family member of mine and now you've shot a new friend. Hey who knows, maybe Rob will get his go at you trying to change who you are, but i'll have my fun first.  I look forwards to seeing you."

*Austin releases the button with a sigh, kicking his feet up admiring his view of the plantation*

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*Felix grabs his radio, relaxed*

I can assure you I had no friends with me good sir, but I'm sorry Mark was incapable of driving a bus, and whatever wounds he sustained was from the crash, again his own fault, and you see I'm not the one with problems its you guys and to be clear you are making problems, problems that do not need to exist, i don't make threats over the radio unlike you, but i will say this i would think that its better for everyone to forget this situation ever happened forget what you know and nothing like this will need to happen, now I'm not making threats unlike you, but i don't need this bullshit, your friends or anyone else it doesn't matter its a dirty world and bad things happen all the time I'm sure they are just accidents because we all want to be good people and would never do bad things, I'm glad i could say this, once again yours truly Mr. Night.

*Felix turns his radio off rubbing his chin*

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*Rob overhears a familiar voice*

Mr. Felix.... 

I do not appreciate you denying my help, but your escape was fair. Mark will be fine, but... If you wish to be removed from my list, you're going to need to talk to me about this kid. If your side checks out, from what i've heard so far... Then maybe... You might be in the clear... 

Please do understand I am only trying to help the world. 

[align=left]*Radio fades to silence*

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