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Sarada Dark Learned of Her Sisters Death.

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Sarada Dark Leared of Her Sisters Death...

Sarada spent the first thew months in search for her sister roaming all over chenarus searching, asking trying to find any leads that could lead her to her sisters where bouts... She was on a supply run when she met up with an doctor, after the doctor learned of Sarada's purpose for being in Chenarus he quikly put two and two together, at first it seemed like the doctor wanted to with hold the information from her, but Sarada being so closely bonded with her sister could see in his eyes he knew more then what he was letting on...

She made the effort to get to know the doctor and by doing so showing the doctor that she is relentless, and she will not rest until she found her sister. The kind doctor eventually gave her some information of a person that might know of her sisters last ware bouts. She jumped right on doing so prepairing herself mentally and physically to find this person.

The Doctor left and Sarada got to work, searching radio frequency in search of this person the doctor mentioned, she scanned frequency for days, starting to wonder if she would ever hear the mention of that person... She started losing hope, getting desperate, so she reached out to a few people mentioned on the radio Frequency, she listened for days awaiting a response, shortly after a voice came on questioning her...

The Voice Said : "Ms.? Sarada Dark was it? I think there's only one thing I can truly help you with... That family search your doing. If that last name is the last name I'm thinking of, then we need to talk. But... That's your call. I'll be sitting around."

She at first wanted to just ask directly but knew by doing so she might be letting more information out.She decided to listen to the man over the radio at first having doubts, but knew she needed to know all there is to know about her sister. She set up a meeting with the man from the radio and met up with him, not knowing what to expect.

The Meet was setup but she was no where near the location where the man wanted to meet and due to supposition the man didn't want to stay to long is that location so she had to hurry... She did not hesitate for a second, she agreed and started her journey to the location, not knowing the lands well she constantly had to view her map and her planning had to be perfect for it was at the heart of night and to travel so far along a lot of dangers await around the corners but she did not care...

She made here way there avoiding infected and possible people that could try to keep her from reaching her destination... As she Travel she hoped and prayed that the man would still be there when she arrived as she was souly relaying on her own knowledge of reading the map so if she where to go off path it would take to long to double back and find the correct path and the man would leave and she would lost the information on her sister maybe forever... 

She finally arrived at a board reading the name like it shows on the map, She was relieved but out of breath she grabbed at the radio letting the man know, she has made it, hoping he would still be there not knowing how long she traveled, the man let her know he was there as she went into town to meet him but as she entered town she started realizing the dangers that she didn't consider before starting the journey, but she knew it was to late to turn back now, she prepared herself for the worst.

She met up with the man, introduced himself, and told her its grim news... as Sarada knows her sister it has always been grim news when it comes from another, seeing as they would never understand my Sarada's sister did the things she did, so she sat down and asked the man to tell her everything...

Grim news indeed according to the man he was the husband of Sarada's Sister, but she was just happy her sister found someone she could trust because Sarada saw how people in the part of the land is... so she smiled when learning this. the man explained what happen and that he was at fault but Sarada knew that is how her sister normally got a message across without saying a word, her actions alone bade the person realize what he was at fault for... but at what cost.

The man claimed to have gone after her for reasons unknown but she just where out of reach and he could not defend himself if something where to happen or even to save her, and he claims he saw her being ripped to shreds bu a horde of Infected. He also said he took her body to  nearby grave yard to give her a proper burial. Sarada smiled looking at the man emotions expressed on his face while telling her all this.

She then requested to know where her sister burial was, and the man insisted he would would take her to see it as he has to see it for the final time "he said" they traveled long and far from where they met and Sarada's mind was completely at easy after seeing the man emotions and finally knowing more, and now to where her finally resting place is.

The man seemed like a gentleman and she could see why her sister would have loved. after long ways of travel they arrived at a town she had never been before but she knew she had to quickly familiarize herself with this place because her sisters final resting place is here. they walked among hundreds of graves until the man stopped in-front om one pointing at in saying "This is the one" it was not much but at lease Sarada could see the afford put into preparing the final resting place with a wooden cross the man probably made himself, Sarada smiled as a tear rolled from her eye, she finally knows where her sisters finally resting place is and on top of that the man her sister love, was standing in front of the grave with Sarada.

Sarada asked the man if he had anything on him to remember his ex-wife, Sarada's sister by. he looked at her saying most of her belongs where ripped to shreds there was not much left, but from his wallet he pulled a photo of Sarada's sister, his ex-wife smiling softly. Sarada remembered her sisters smile and wanted to make it a part of her life to be able to smile as her sister did. Sarada asked the man what his ex-wife, her sisters last wishes where, he said with time it has escaped him... so she just smiled softly at his like her sister would and thanked the man for hes honesty and time, before leaving. 

She mentally engraved the wooded cross into her memory. to never forget the location or what was written on the wooden cross. She ran through the town free of her burdened now the search over she kind of felt selfless like she is running blind with no where in mind. until she heard an infected...its like she went into a blind rage she pulled the MosinRifle from her back loaded without using the sight firing at the infected dropping it like something was guiding her shot, she could not dwell to long on the amazing lucky shot she just had because that rifle fire drew every infected in town. she knew this is the same emotion her sister probably went thought but Sarada being more heartless, less-trusting, more dependent on herself unlike her sister, made haste taking out alot of infected while leaving the town after making it into the clear she found a hay bail that was falling apart with enough hey next to it for her to take a min and just lay on...

As her memory drifted she broke out in a crying frenzy enraged, but sorrowful finally crying for her sisters Death.

-The Search was over-

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