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Sam Hyde Chernarus Documentary

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A phone recording begins to play. 

Alright guys, here's a little update on that vlog before I head over to that Slavic dump Chernarus.

Just getting ready to go to the airport now, it's about 4:20 A.M. and I have a long flight ahead of me.

I'll see what I can do about picking up some Orthos like I'm there, heh, you like that? Yeah, Orthos are what I 

call those- those little minxes I'll be meeting down there. But yeah, we're going to get together, clean up some shitty 

bourbon and vomit-stained streets and I'll do my best not to offend any sensitive women while I'm there. It'll be nice,

I think they'll need a man there to pick up garbage, it's a "man's job" to clean the streets. Anyway I better head out,

but uh- I'll keep you all posted. 

White Mamba - Out. 

The phone recording ends. 


Hand-held camera footage turns on. 

Alright, *he clears his throat* it's about 3:04 A.M., we just got in our apartment at this little dyketown called Elektrogorsk,

this is where all the hot nun babes are at. *tchs, and then laughs* So my 'community service' starts tomorrow. Just hope some

drunk inbred Slav doesn't shoot me.

The footage then ends. 

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