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To Leo (Open Frequency)

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*Wiping the sweat away from his brow Vincent decides to set up a broadcast holds down PTT*

Hey.... It's Vincent Leo I know that fire fight was rough but I left on good terms with you I don't know if you still feel the same but all I can say is that I did not fire one round at you I decided to run into the woods to not be a part of it whether Miller and Izaak get on this frequency they are witnesses I wanted to end things diplomatically instead of it ending in blood shed I'm sorry it ended that way..

*Vincent dripping with sweat now he puts his radio back into pocket and lets go of the PTT*

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*Leo grins as he hears the message and considers what the man said until he finally holds down the push to talk*

........Fuck off, I tried to show you how they were. I talked to you hombre to hombre and I appreciate that, I wont forget that you did that. Where I come from there is a saying we have and it goes like this, Me vale madres! Its slang in Mexico for I don't give a fuck. I suggest when I regain my composure that you bring those two men to me ALIVE. By the way I'm sorry it ended that way too, sit down and really consider what I said about choosing friends. Stay alive hermano.

*He lets go of the PTT before throwing his radio in anger*

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*Sighing Vincent gets the radio and with his greasy fingers he held down the PTT*

Again my deepest apologies and I'll remember that too I don't know what happened between you two because it was so much information coming in at once all but by God I wanted it not to end the way it did I'm Cuban by the way I admire the fact that you noticed I was Hispanic not a lot of us here I will keep in contact with you compadre

*Puts his radio back into his backpack and releases the PTT*

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*Miller smiles while he clicks the PTT button*

Only reason he's playing nice Vincent is because he knows he's fucked just fighting us, he can't take more people wanting to kill him.

*Miller releases the button*

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*Leo laughs hysterically and holds the PTT*

Miller are you actually retarded?...

Vales verga pendejo...

We killed all of you culeros you are the only two left, if you really think I'm scared then you are dumber than I thought.

*Takes a breath*

You know that you're the one that is fucked eh?

I am not hiding or running from shit puto, see you around.

*Opens his water and takes a sip*

Vinny mi hermano, No tengo ningún problema con usted, asegúrese de que siga siendo así .

Quedarse vivo.

*Leo puts his water and radio away turning it off chuckling to himself.*

*Leo says to himself*

Do these idiots really believe I'm scared?

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*Vincent listening in on the broadcast hears a voice which he notices and holds down the PTT and removes his facemask to talk clearer*

Si no puedo cambiar pero algunas personas cambian mucho gracias por las amables palabras y no disparando me durante el tiroteo yo solo soy un orador y no quero mantanza cuanda se peude para y poner mas bien

*He pauses and takes toke of his Cohiba cigar and proceeds to speak once more*

Miller do you think you can get to an agreement with these two? A war between you guys and Akrasia should be dealt with in a good and diplomatic way dunno where you came from but back in the corps we had a saying well we had a lot forget about that bullshit it doesn't matter anymore but what I'm trying to say is can't the two of you solve things in a better fashion rather than shoot bullets at each other until one of you die?

*Lets go of the PTT and lays down on a log to keep on smoking his cigar and Vincent looks out into the horizon seeing people come by and go*

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*Leo calms down after a few hours to turn on his radio and hears the broadcast in spanish*

No hay pedo hermano, estos dos quieren la sangre en lugar de la paz.

*Takes a drag of one of his last cigarettes* 

*While exhaling the smoke he says these last words*

Miller, Izzak... I know you two are listening.. You are the last two of the final order. The rest are all dead, do you really think you two alone can take me down?

*Smokes the cigarette down to the filter and tosses it into the brush*

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*Izaak looks through his bag to find his radio. He pushes the PTT*

Oh Leo, so blind despite the shit you talk. Miller and I may have be some of the few to take you on directly, but we are not alone. There are many men and women who are coming for you, my old friend. In time, you will see.

*Izaak puts the radio away and resumes watch*

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*Leo holds the PTT assuming he means the new people he was with*

Dale cabron, your fuckers couldnt get me when I was alone. Come get me now.

Mi hermano Vinny wouldnt pop a shot at me cause he knew better, tell your friends to get me.

You know who I am and who I am with. I stay around the same area come get me culero.

*Turns his radio to a different frequency to talk to his friends and allies*

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*Alice keeps fiddling with her radio, browsing the frequencies, eventually she heard Leos voice and decides to listen in. While listening to the death threats and the shit talk over the radio she thinks its just another day. So, naturally, at first she doesn't respond, but as time passes by and the conversation keeps going around the same fucking thing she has enough, So she presses the PTT*

What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you find it amusing to banter all over the open Frequencies for everyone else to hear? God... Get a room boys, You really sound like you need it. We've all been over this multiple times now... you guys hate eachother... we get it...

*She Releases the PTT, Anoyed by the familiar voices over the radio. Instead of putting the radio back into her pocket she puts it on the table and cleans her CR75.*

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*Leo flips back to the frequency that he was on just to hear the end of Alice talking*


No mames! Alice where are you???..

*Hears nothing but silence*


Donde fuiste???

Where did you go??? Are you ok???

*Hears silence and a little bit of static*

Alley girl?!? Don't disappear again on me.... Por favor....

You know our frequency.. just... just stop by some time, I...I thought you were dead.....

*Leo sits in the silence contemplating what Alice said*

I tried to talk to the pendejos but no luck, they want me dead Alley girl..

I'm only doing whats best for you and me. 

Quedarse Viva..

Always lookin out for you chica.

*Leo sits in the silence hoping for a reply from Alice, but he knows he probably wont.*

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*brad pushes the PTT*

'Hey Leo dont worry ... im keeping Alice safe'

*he pauses*

'If you wanna see her for a bit catch me on a more private frequency ... open ones aernt safe anymore'

*releases the PTT*

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*Holds the PTT*

You know where to find me.

*Releases PTT*

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