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To Milice Zachovani [Open Freq]

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-Oliver moves away the chair form hes desk so he can lower himself on to it. He looks at the big radio standing on the desk and tunes it to a public frequency. He takes out a piece of paper out the map laying at the right side of the desk. he takes a sip from his tea and clears his throat. He puts the microphone closer to his mouth and activates the broadcast button-

*Oliver can be heard speaking in a polite politcaly correct way*

To the Chernarussians claiming to be CDF that are preventing people from accesing personal defence weaponry.

Your selfish actions are preventing innocent civilians from reaching much needed bullets and weaponry to protect themselves.

We highly recommend that you cease all operations of locking down military compounds.

We have heard rumours and stories that you only let other Chernarussians access military compounds and claim that entering these bases and taking weaponry or equipment is theft. This is a free and equal world now, there is no more official CDF military terrain due to the Chernarussian Defence Force ceasing to exist after the Chernarussian goverment fell. This means that Chernarus has become unclaimed territory needing a new goverment up until this goverment becomes instated your claims of CDF equipment as theft are illegitimate.

*Oliver's tone becomes a little bit more intimidating and forced*

I will repeat myself one more time, we highly recommend you to CEASE these kind of operations.

Otherwise you will force our hand on this one, and we will see ourself put in to the position were we will have to take these matters in to our own hands.

-The transmission stops-

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*Mr. Low holds down the PTT*

"People are gonna do what they want, man. Can't stop 'em with diplomacy, only saying."

*Releases the PTT, a blank expression on his face*

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-- He takes his radio out of his jacket pocket --

*He presses the Transmit button*

"Only a Russki would say something like that!" He jokes*

"Die you foreign Spy!"

*His laughter is heard*

"Just a joke..."

*He releases the Transmit button*

-- He returns the Radio to his jacket pocket --

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*Adal sighs, looking at his cup of instant coffee and swirling it around before taking a sip. As much as he hated the shit, it's all the shipment from Yakorgrad brought. Upon setting it down, he shuffled through some papers and turned to the radio, adjusting the frequency and listening in. The channel was clear, nigh response was noted from these... 'CDF' people. With a grumble of ample disgust, he picked up the receiver and spoke into it authoritatively.*

"Hello, CDF imposters... mis-representers or whatever you are. Ample time has been given, we've extended a diplomatic option and your silence is noted as a denial, as disrespect."

*Adal takes a sip of his coffee before coughing, wiping his mouth after.*

"Consider this a formal end to diplomatic attempts to contact you."

*Adal hangs up the reciever, ending the transmission.*

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*Boss Lady Presses the PTT button*

"Are you claiming to be "Fight the Good Fight"...

*Releases the PTT button*

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