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To the friends of Katerina... [Open Frequency]

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*Lumina descended down the rocky face of the Mountainside into Dobroe, a grumble ripe in her stomach as the unsteady footing soon caused her to slide down into the dirty muck below. "Fucking rain...." She cursed, dusting off her gloves on her baggy, now mud-splotched pants. It's clear she was scavenging, dire scavenging at that.*

*Finding a few cans of food, a box of pistol ammo and clothing that had certainly seen better days, she tried the door of a house and found it to be locked. Blinking, curious, mind buzzing with the question of 'Locked house? In the middle of...' She tried the handle, once more, knocking and calling aloud. "Hey! Anyone in there?" Silence, an... uncomfortable silence at that. Something... felt... off about this. But against her better judgement, the half shaven haired woman bent her knees, gaining her leverage before driving her shoulder HARD into the handle. The wood cracked, but didn't give way. Another blow, another, and another before it finally separated from the handle and almost took it off it's hinges. Lumina growled, rubbing her shoulder and placing a hand on the pistol grip of her AK 74. But she spotted something, unnerving, a shoe, still attached to the leg hung around the corner of a door-frame. Instinctively, her hands shouldered the rifle and she began to creep, her muddy boots giving a soft thud with each sure step. If it was an infected then...*

*Seeing the body of the girl, she spotted a pool of blood, half dried on the floorboard and began to clear the area. She didn't pay much attention to the body, had to be dead, but the person who killed her... likely not. With the house empty, the former courier approached the body and crouched beside it. Her face seemed unwavered by the dead woman, but on the inside... This was fucked. There was a clean hole in the back of her skull, fingernails bore blood underneath them, rope burns about her wrist from what could be guessed from a struggle.*

*Turning the body over, Lumina was hardly revolted. This wasn't the first body she'd touched, the first unknown and unlucky bastard she'd found like this. She looked... Young, younger than an adult, shame she'd been cut down in youth, shame this early. The woman reached up and gently closed the unknown girl's eyes, couldn't stand the look of that cold, dead gaze anyway. A sigh followed, a mutter of what could be a prayer before she begins rummaging through the girl's belongings.*

*With her pockets emptied, backpack and everything, she carried the girl over to a dusty old mattress, placing her down on it and walking back over to her belongings strewn about on the floor. She began to look them over, one by one. A letter, fitting for a courier to carry, addressed to... Jimmy. "Huh." She grumbled aloud, then turned to a box, valuing her privacy, the girl didn't open it, just left it there, only taking in the name on the top. 'Miranda'. Then... a photo with the victim and another on it. Each side bore their names... "Katerina... Cute name.", then... a book. "For fuck's sake... can't even make out... 'Alice an-...' Oh alright... Yeah I remember that book. Everyone does..." She looked to the body, chuckling about to say something as if she was alive, yet stopped herself.*

*With Lumina's fingers soon dragging over her radio, she tried the switch, surprised it even turned on to begin with. The frequency lit up. Assuming it was tuned to people who cared or knew her, a formulated response followed. The sound of a worn bandana falling from weather-beaten skin following.*

*Lumina cleared her throat, and replied curtly, her voice far from feminine.*

"To... Whoever might be listening... I found a girl, named Katerina in a house in Dobroe. The one with the front door... broke open."

*She drew a shaky breath, looking at the corpse on the dusty old mattress, then at the half-dried blood pool on the ground.*

"I'm sorry. But she-..."

*Lumina paused, fingers tense against the transmitter's button as she managed out.*

"She's dead..."

*The radio goes quiet, the courier tucking the radio in the pouches of her plate-carrier. Rummaging around further, she found a heavy woolen blanket that she brought over to cover the body, like a shroud. After a moment of staring, she pulled up her bandana and murmured*

"Rest in peace now... The nightmare is over."

*Walking out the way she came, she left all her belongings strewn about on the floor in a ritual-esque manner, hinting at whomever found her, to have respect for the dead.*

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*Eliane flicks through the frequencies on her radio as she is walking through the forest, hearing the message she sighs deeply and shakes her head. She looks around quickly before responding. The breeze in the tree's can be heard overhead as well as boots stomping on sticks and leaves at a regular fast rate. She pushes down the transmit button her voice coming through cold and tired*

Its a damn shame to hear this...she was...

*Her voice cracks slightly, she clears her throat before continuing to speak*

I'm gonna miss her, Thanks for letting us know.

*She releases the button and clips her radio back onto her belt. She looks around again briefly before breaking into a quick jog. She approaches the dead drop and chucks a cloth bag into an already opened barrel. Her jog turns to a sprint as she runs back down sprint to get out of the area.*

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*Logan looks at the grave he's sitting in front of.*

"Fare well Alice... You have escaped from this Hell that we have yet to escape from."

*Logan lets go of the button. He checks his new engraving in the wooden cross. Now reads Megan Dark (Powell).*

"I'm sorry I didn't fix it sooner... Guilt... Got in the way."

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