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Game Crashed

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Dear, DayzRP staff

     Hello, I would like to inform you about a incident that happened at the NWAF. I was running away from a zombie for about one minute; then I stopped for a moment to pull out an ax. It was at that moment I was hit by the zombie; the game did not allow me to pull out my ax, so I kept running. I had my inventory open as I was running and suddenly my game crashed. The main reason I am posting this thread is so the people of the community know that it was not a intentional combat log. I hope that the community will understand the situation as I do not wish for any trouble. Thank you.

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Uh... Combat logging is when you log out while in the middle of a firefight where you are actively being shot at, or were recently fired upon (Within the 30 minute timer). Zombies do not count as combat logging, so you should be good man. I don't think a Zombie will report you. :P

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You can only combat log after interaction with other players. We don't have any rules regarding PvE in that matter, as long as it's not abusing exploits etc.

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