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Need to Unlink my Steam from a diffirent DayZ RP Account

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I have my Steam Account INSOM217 linked to my DayZ RP Account "SOCIO".

I forgot the Password, and I registered my account "SOCIO" under my normal Email.

I created this Account, with the same Email thinking it would not cause any issues.

I tryed to link my Steam to this Account, but it is linked to "SOCIO".

When I try to set new Password it says my email was not used on this Website.

I changed my email on this DayZ RP Account, and still, I can not recover the Password for "SOCIO".

How would I go about unlinking my steam from that Account?

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But you have already synced a Steam account with this new account, so what is the problem?

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Seeing as I spoke to you on TS, and we fixed this problem I am going to solve this. If you have problems still though, please let us know. Hop into TS, and we will be happy to help you. ^_^


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