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Okay so as we all know everyone learns skills differently and with RP there is no difference with that i know we have  guides thread but some people need a little extra help and that is where i propose a rank or even just a bunch of people with the title mentor in which that person will go into game with them observe them and then teach them what they are doing wrong and how they can improve which would lead to possibly lowering the amount of reports. Now you're probably thinking well if they want to learn they could just approach anyone and ask them to teach them but honestly a lot of people are afraid of approaching people because of the chance of bothering them or interrupting them but they may feel more inclined to ask for help if they see some one with a specific job to help them just like the community helpers in the help desk. I recently sat in on a robbery with a few guys who had only been in the server a few months and it was great i wasn't even in game but i made the rp better for them and better for their hostage { I think.. well there was no report} they were asking questions and trying to learn as much as possible they left happy with a better knowledge of the rules and RP.  We could also use it as a punishment for newer players like a form of community service  which i feel would work better than a ban or even accompany a ban like you set  a new player with a mentor who at the end of the "community service" sentence needs to sign off saying the player co-operated and improved their knowledge / skills which i feel would also pick up the quality of rp on this server. 

In short what the mentor would do is allow newer or older players to approach them with confidence knowing they will have an experienced person 

 {In the area they want to learn as each Role-Player has a style they are good at you could possibly have on the forum page with all the names of the mentors with that they can teach} roll around with them in-game who's job it is to make sure they are improving and enjoying themselves plus also act as a cushion with the punishments so that newer players have a chance to learn the right way and walk away with less punishments in the future.

I am open into improving this system and taking all ideas on-board only to come back and try again with improvements so that this rank may be implemented because i personally believe that this rank would help improve the community and lower reports.

(Also if you would be willing to be a mentor you could show you would be willing to do it so that Rolle/Admins may be more inclined to implement it)

Thank you for your time i have just not been able to get into game as certain parts of my computer do not work and wish to still do something for this community.

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you mean like this suggestion?


not sure if the mentor rank is needed but that might help to vet more suitable people I guess.

Damn.. i'm really late to the party huh but i still stand by my suggestion for the punishment thing with the reports instead of getting a ban you get a mentor to make sure you're behaving and teaching you.. ect

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