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The notepad of Mr Chang.

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[Will update as I roleplay everyday.]

10 August, 2016.

Ropetail failed. Anti-Kingdom element remained. Diplomacy threatened greatly. In all due respect, it was a risk that wasn't worth to be taken. 

Quite the disturbance but thank the Maker, for it was not a complete shutout by the affected groups.

Logistics are to be planned for a prepared attack. Plans will have to be updated. The Council must know.

Joffrey, my brother, when will you awake? I am but a useless instrument without you. 

I am not well-versed in guns, I do not sprint for long distances, a rat could cover thrice the distance if I tried in a minute.

Yet, you and the Maker told me that I could be useful.

How can I trust in myself, how could I uphold the trust you held in me if I couldn't discreetly eliminate one person?

Oh Maker, the path you set for me is rocky and high everso, and I must admit that I find myself doubtful.

Yet, how am I able to desert you in your hour of greatest need, with the heretics baring their banners, and our strongest men 

vanishing to the wind?

Preposterous, and while you shower Brother Joffrey with your light, I will carry on your work. Your will will be

carried out as long as I live.

HOW COULD I BE SO CARELESS? Preposterous, impossible, absolutely INFURI-

A brief pause is seen in the writing, and the ink is blotched, almost as if the pen is forced onto the parchment. However, it seems to begin

almost as if from a machine.

Reaffirmed ties with House X, and House X. Reassured of military support in case of attack.

Important meeting to be held, apologies are in order, diplomacy to be rekindled. 

Gifts to be prepared to regain their alliance.

Brother Jones to be notified of this, Element in Outrun to be fortified.

Coyotes offer olive branches yet they curl and entwine.

Will rebegin on my plans as I recover from the recent events at Camp Outrun.

All hail to the Kingdom, to the Maker, to my brothers and sisters. I pray and pray everyday for their return.

- Chang.

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Keep it up Chang

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I like the style. Keep up the journal!

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what Joffrey said.

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