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Arma 2 OA: Battleye failed to update

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Fellas and fellatettes, I need assistance.

My Arma 2 OA has been attacked by a devastating creature and will no longer join servers. For some reason my battleye is always on v.1.236, but all servers require v.1.239.

What is going on!?

Things I've tried:

  • Verifying Cache
  • Overwriting old BEClient.dll files with new ones.
  • Verifying Cache after doing ^
  • Running steam as an admin
  • Deleting all Battleye related folders.

It's still saying failed to bloody update!

Any ideas?

Fixed: A friend sent me his copy of files in all folders, and it is now updated!

If you have the same problem as me, get a friend to send the files over skype!

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Guest hunterioun

Do you mind sending me those files?

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Lmao this fella

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