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Goodbye.. [Private Frequency]

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*Miranda hesitates as she picks up her radio. Staring at it in her hands, she lets out a small sigh, before she presses down the PTT, hesitating to speak at first*

Ah.. I-I'm sending this out to all my friends and family..

*She inhales, then exhales deeply*

I just wanted to.. t-to say goodbye..

*She bites her lip, and continues speaking in her usual shy and low tone, her voice occasionally stuttering*

E-Ender.. I-..

*She exhales, as she speaks again, her voice breaking a little*

I-I'm sorry.. I can't go on anymore a-and.. you were there for me when no one was a-and I'm going to miss you.. You were like a brother to me.. I-I don't want you to be upset okay? J-Just.. keep going, for me.. I love you..

*She would sniff, her voice breaking as a few tears run down her cheeks*

Jimmy.. I love you so much b-but I-.. I-I'm sorry.. K-Keep going and try to find someone else that will make you happy.. l-like I couldn't okay? J-Just.. I-I love you..

A-And to everyone else.. S-Scottie, Erich, Logan, Rose, Glenn, Mia..

*She stops to wipe her eyes with her sleeve, then continues*

Emmrich a-and Chief, Marshal, Vincent.. V-Vitalik.. Lucius, Dom, DeMonte.. L-Luke and Lilly, Sonny and Scarlet.. Everyone..

I'm sorry..

I won't be around anymore.. this time for good I-I can't-

*She bites her lip, her voice cracking*

I-I can't keep going.. I-I've tried so hard for as long as I-I can but I can't a-anymore.. I-I'm sorry..

*She lets out a small sob, sniffing as she wipes her eyes. She grabs her Ukulele from the table as she puts it in her bag. Going quietly to the other room, she makes sure Jimmy is sleeping, as she goes out the door, shutting it quietly behind her*

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*Glenn, looking back at the hill he just buried Miranda on, he takes his radio and places it up towards his lips and holding down the PTT*

Goodbye sis...

*He purses his lips his lips a moment before turning and following Charles and Vitalik down the hill* 

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*Vitalik sighs as he takes his radio. He'd look at it quietly as he goes into the church and look at the cross. He'd kneel down as he would quietly speak into the radio.*

Я этого никогда не хотел. Извиняюсь что это так случилось.. Удачи нам всем.

*He sighs as he would throw his radio against a wall. He'd stay kneeling down watching the cross as he would utter a few other words in Russian.*

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*Lilly frowns as she listen to the radio, as she is organizing the medical equipment in her bag. She grabs her radio after and begins to speak softly to Miranda.*

"Hey Mirranda...I know that we dont talk a lot. I mean after all that happened, was kind of awkward yeah? Hehe... Ummm..I'll I have to say is that I hope you really dont do though with this. I mean out of a lot of people...I have had a really...really hard life."

*Lilly hesitates a little before she continues her voice seeming a little more sad, as she leans back against a wall and continues speaking.*

"But...through a lot of it...I..always tried looking for the better things in life...even though...they are few and far between. Its those moments that I try and hold on to. I call them rays of sunshine...Its those moments in life...where everything is black...nothing is there to help. Not even those we love, and it almost suffocating like....like you cant breath..."

*She takes in a shaky breath trying to compose herself.*

"Rays of sun...light even are those moments that you can remember...of people you l-love there for you. Maybe...its just sitting around and enjoying their company....laughing...or...or even a sunset that reminds you of someone long gone. Yet....with each time you see that sunset...you can almost still feel them there..."

*Lilly brings her hand up to wipe some of the tears away.*

"Dont let that darkness win Mirranda...because with that darkness...it can also add onto others....who will miss you dearly....I would miss you...Though we might not talk a lot, but almost all my friends....are on my mind. Talk to me Miranda...whats wrong...let your friends...let your family help you. Let us be your ray of sun hmm?"

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*Hearing Lilly over the radio he decides to reply*

Too late, she's gone. Buried on Stary hill by a lonely tree. I'm sorry.

*He releases the PTT, biting down on the inside of his lip*

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Alice freezes as she hears Miranda on the radio freezing in place as the radio drops from her hand.

She slowly picks it back up her eyes burning as she presses the PTT down.

"No, Miranda you can't..."

Her voice breaks as she tries to speak and she goes silent for a few moments.

"I was coming back, Jimmy was supposed to tell you, that I was coming back that we could see each other again!

You have to be there, I promised you I would see you again!"

She half shouts her words into the radio as she falls to her knees in the forest her knuckles white around her radio.

The next words heard through her radio are half mumbled and strained, almost as though shes talking to herself.

"This is what happens, it's what always happens, it's safer alone cant get hurt if you don't get close, she even forgot about you..."

She falls silent for a long while before speaking again her voice different now.

"I'm sorry I was gone so long, maybe if I had come back sooner..."

She trails off then the sound of her crying turns into just static as she releases the PTT.

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Ender hears the broken voice of a woman he cares so much about

Miranda . . . . Please dont do this to me . . . . Please . . . . please please 

He Screams into the radio


Dont you fucking do this to me miranda DON'T YOU FUCKING DIE GOD DAMMIT.

Theres a pause before he screams in anger and unloads his rifle into the air


The radio goes silent

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Ian had listened in for sometime. He had heard the young woman that he knew and felt heart broken for her. He sat on the edge of the bed in the small home he stayed in and listened. Listening to Ender's pain. He picked up the radio that sat on the night stand and picked it up, hitting the PTT*

"God speed Miranda. May you be a peace...Ender...Estacado...I'm sorry"

Ian let go of the button and sat there in the dark, a tear rolling down his cheek

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:: Scottie sits under a tree, looking down the hill while petting his stuffed puppy. He hears a familiar voice come through one of his freq. that he goes through daily. As he listens to Miranda talk about leaving, his bottom lip starts to shake, and he picks up the radio with shaking hands to respond. ::

Miranda... Please don't leave me... *His eyes are wide and tears flow down his cheeks* Sonny and Scarlet already left me... *His voice would be broken and choked by tears* And I don't want you to go either...

:: Scottie holds Ruffis his stuffed puppy in his left hand, and his hand shakes violently from fear ::

I don't want you to leave me Miranda... You're one of my best friends... I need you people around just in case.. If..

:: He holds his waist were he was electrocuted from a car battery, and thinks about the clowns ::

:: The radio goes silent :: 

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*Eliane looks back at Anya sleeping and lets out a soft sigh, She stands and walks out of the camp before unclipping her radio. Her voice sounds tired as she speaks*

You...take care of yourself Miranda. We...Yeah..We'll always be here for you...

*She looks back before sighing once more*

And for the love of god...don't die.

*She releases the Transmit button and walks back to camp. She lays beside Anya, staring blankly up at the ceiling her thoughts racing through her mind*

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*Logan brings his radio to out, pressing down on the talk button.*

"Miranda... You have escaped from this Hell that we have yet to escape from. Rest now."

*He lets go of the button, before smashing his fist into the wall, putting a hole in the sheet rock.*

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*Ally holds Glenn's radio in her hand, tuned into the frequency. After listening in a while, she presses down the PTT, sighing as she speaks, her Australian sounding accent coming through with a little static*

I'm sorry to say but ah.. Miranda is.. gone..

*She frowns a little, before speaking again*

Glenn buried her last night. She's buried on the hill next to Starry, at a lonely tree that stands out.. you know ah, kinda where that dirt road ends up on the hill.. for those of you who would want to visit her.

*She runs a hand down her face*

I'm sorry for your loss, guys.. may she rest well..

*She releases the PTT, sighing as she sets Glenn's radio ontop of his backpack, resuming her place on the bed next to Glenn, frowning as she pulls him in for a hug*

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Lucius took a deep breath before then pressing down on the button

"I am sorry to hear this...Such a young child who had a bright future ahead of her..."

He sighs and begins to continue

"It sucks that death has become such a common thing over the past two years."

"Many folks have come and gone, and the only thing we have to remember them are our memories..."

He looks up to the sky

"Rest in peace, Miranda. You will be missed..."

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