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In need of a graphic designer for our group

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Hey guys, Dio here. ;)

After a lot of asking around I still haven't been able to hook myself a graphics artist for our group. So, I decided to come here and ask if anyone who is skilled in creating custom fonts, text, banners, etc... was interested in helping make the SOF-004 group page look much more unique and awesome.

What I'm looking for from the graphic designer

I'm looking for custom titles and images that are very unique and give people an idea of what our group does. (So something similar to the Masquerade's awesome custom titles/ranks were they have carousels, tents, balloons, and more.)

If you are interested in helping make this group page of ours (Myself, Axel, and KingWill) look absolutely awesome then please PM me so that I can get in touch with you. I have a couple of good ideas in mind regarding the custom graphics and I would love to see them come to life.

(And yes I did look at the "DayzRP graphic artists Megathread and have already PM'd a few individuals in regards to making custom graphics. The reason why I made this post is because none of those individuals have responded to me yet and it's been a pretty long time since I sent out those PM's...)

Alrighty, thank you all and stay awesome!


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If you look in Media/Off Topic threads, there are a few members offering free graphics. I'd get in touch with those people if no one comes to you! :) Good luck.

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Just like MalpeMooses said just look on the Media section of the forum.

Miss Phoenix made a big thread where you have a big list of artists that make avatars, signatures or group threads.

Maybe take a look on that thread. ;)

Good luck!

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We already have a thread for this. Please ask one of the graphic designers on this thread


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