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Ghost Of Pado

To The Many People Of The Outrun Camp [Open Freq.]

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*As the music ends you hear a voice*

To the many people of the Lopatino Camp, As you have seen or perhaps heard, we have paid a vist to the Camp and will continue to do so in good faith and peace.  To those who spread rumors that we will harm anyone in the camp and such do not listen to these serpents, For we have an agreement proposed to use by "Mr. Chang" of the Kingdom that states while we or they are in the Camp we will not harm each other. This gift of peace goes fourth to all those who ask.

Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.

*The music resumes*

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*Banks finishes up another smoke as he listens through transmissions. He inhales and exhales one last time before pressing the button to speak*

Hello fellas. Hows it goin. Its your good pal Banks. Met a few of y'all the other day. 

Good to hear your still spreadin the peace and what not. And good to hear y'all are taking your problems with individuals outside of the camp. Hope to meet you again soon.

Oh by the way. We dont call the new place Outrun Camp. We have heard it was originally called The Refuge. The legacy of the refuge will live on through outrun. Therefore, that name shall stand. 

God I sounded way too fuckin medieval there, scuse me. Anyways. Have a good one.

*He releases the button and flicks the remaining ashes of the small cigarette stump onto the ground*

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He hears the transmission and sighs. Compromising to these heretics who follow and preach for a false god...How could he call himself a follower of the Maker? Yet, he know that it is a plain stupid move to initiate hostilities in such an area is borderline suicidal. He have seen, felt, embraced the warmth that the Maker's light shone over the little compound that they had set up. It felt like home. He would not sully it. For now. As someone once told him, when you got to eat shit, it is best to swallow it whole and swallow it fast. No point chewing.


I thank you for your graciousness. Our men would enjoy the peace that would be at the Outrun camp, and surely this is a step in the right direction. Your co-operation is duly appreciated.


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