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The Coyotes... [Private frequency]

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*Ian picks up the radio after a moment of consideration and pushes the PTT button in.*

"This is Hawk. I met one of your buddies and got a hold of this frequency from him. Sorry to say but I'm really bad with names, nothing against the fella I chatted and traded with, but I don't remember his name. If you do remember me however, I'd like to discuss some matters with you and maybe get in closer touch with your group."

*Ian makes a deep sigh and then continues his message.*

"I'll be waiting for a reply on this frequency and if I don't get an answer, I assume you don't remember me or don't want to associate with me. That's fine, no hard feelings. Just reply if you wanna get in touch, alright?"

*Ian lets go of the PTT button, lays the radio on top his stuff and waits patiently for a response.*

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