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[102.5] Message to Willem!

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*Katya grabs the radio Willem gave her from the backpack*

*Katya pushes the PTT button, and remains silent for about 5 seconds*

"Willem, can you hear me? It's Katya, I thought that you were running after me, but the next moment I turned around you weren't there."


"Please let me know if you're alright and where can I see you again, and when?"

*Katya releases the PTT button, as she keeps the radio on, while staring into the darkness*

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Razareth    213

"Willem scratches his head as he tries to figure out where Katya went. She was with a second ago. Willem takes out his Walkie Talkie and put's it on. Switching to the Frequency he told Katya to use."

-Pushes PTT button-

Hey Katya,

Sorry I seem to have lost you in the dark.

I'll be waiting at the crossroad where you asked where we should go.

-Lets go of the PTT button-

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