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Many Questions about Group Ideas Section

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In the future, I plan on making a group or even multiple groups depending on how my luck runs here on the community. I read over the group requirements in addition to having checked multiple approved groups, archived groups, and other ideas of groups. I have a hefty list of questions and I wish for them to all be answered.

1: It says I must have been a member for 3 months prior to making a group. Can I still make a group idea thread before that time in order to receive feedback and build upon it? The theory is that it can undergo the approval process once getting community feedback much quicker, and show dedication to the concept.

2: It also says I must have not created or lead a group in the past month. Do other group idea attempts (Not approved/archived idea threads) count?

3: I am not a graphic artist in the most blatant sense. Who would I contact in order to get art commissioned?

4: Am I allowed to use resources (pictures, music, videos, NOT LORE) from other locations? For example, there is a mod for Arma 3 that focuses around PMCs called PG Services. If I were to make this group, am I able to use their resources rather than create or request my own? This example will not be used as a group idea, it is merely an example.

5: I saw that admins can disband and archive groups at their discretion. Under what circumstances would a group be disbanded or archived by an admin that IS NOT listed in the group requirements thread?

6: Am I allowed to send snippets of the lore to staff members in order to receive private feedback?

7: Who would I send it to? The Loremasters exclusively?

8: I assume that recruitment for the groups will have to be entirely in-character. Is this assumption correct?

9: It says that you cannot be in a group while creating one. Does this mean a group, as in, one on the Group CP, or does it mean any group- Be it dynamic, unnamed, or otherwise?

I might step on a toe or two with this next question. If it's something that shouldn't have been asked, please inform me and I'll remove it.

10: It says that groups should not be offensive by their nature. If that is the case, then why are groups like Alba-19 and The Holy 10th Crusade allowed to exist currently? Both of them seem very offensive by their nature to me, from my encounters and from just reading their group pages on the forums and in the Group CP section.

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1. No you must wait your 3 months to post a group idea or have someone else do it for you that has been apart of the community for 3 months to post it in the Idea section.

2. Yes. You cannot have owned a group idea thread approved or not.

3. You can contact my boy Echo he can hook you up with some stuff.

4. I dont understand this one. If you could explain I can help.

5. IF your group gets into too many reports your group. Poor behavior and not falling their group goals.

6. You can send them to Roger and Fox and they can help you out.

7. Yes the Loremasters as its their job to do this sort of thing.

8. No, you can do it on an OOC level.

9. You cannot be apart of a group idea or an offical group while you have a group idea posted.

10. Talk to a GM or a Admin about this one

If you have any question on what I have said please let me know.

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4. I dont understand this one. If you could explain I can help.

Using the example I listed in the original post-

I make a group in which the name and logo picture is copied directly from an ARMA 3 mod. Is that allowed to happen?


Again, this is an example. This will not be the group idea or concept.

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It would be preferred to be original but IF it fits the lore then its fine.

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1. If everything goes just like you said, there would be no need for the rule. Just wait for 3 months. ;)

2. Yup!

3. This would come in handy for you. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-DayZRP-s-Graphic-Artists-Megathread will suit you nicely.

4. Make sure you credit them or obtain permission beforehand.

5. Under excessive rulebreaks, or infomation that reveals that the group is operating under something that goes against the community ideals, or through controversies or special incidents. It all depends on a case-by-case basis.

6. I mean, why not. I would rather you send it to the loremasters as that is their area of specialty.

7. Same with 6.

8. For the hardcore groups, yeah. If you want, recruitment can be OOC as well and established through Teamspeak and all that, but the IC bit comes in through interactions.

9. You can only be in one group CP at a time.

10. Offensive by their nature indicates one that is blatantly insulting or bordering on trolly. PM an Admin or GM. As always, it is a case-by-case basis.

And with that, PM me if you have any other questions. I will mark this as /solved.

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