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do you have to do all the steps to get whitelisted in one go  or can you  log out and come back another day to complete the steps that have not been done are the pass phrases you find only valid for that day  or longer sorry if this has been asked before but did did not see it in the forums

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No you can always come back to the questions another day if you would like, the whitelisting saves your progress as well as the passphrase once you have found it. If you are still looking for the passphrase however, every time you refresh the page it will change location.

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You can leave the whitelist application and it will come back to the page you were on if im not mistaken, But the passphrase is unique to every refresh on the rules page so it may move around from its initial location completely with every refresh.


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The whitelist uses a six step system and saves after every step, if you're on step three out of six you will stay on step three until you complete the step and move on to the next. 

As for the passphrase's every account has a different passphrase but they will always remain the same for that account. For example its been over a year and a half since i've done the whitelist and my passphrase is still the same today as it was when i did my whitelist

Although they do rearrange themselves in the page with every pagerefresh


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