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241.2 [Private Frequency]

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*Ollie picks up his radio and holds down the PTT*

''Hello friends this is Ollie Hound most of you people know me as Romeo''

*He pauses for a second*

''This is my private frequency, for anyone that has my private frequency you're more then welcome to talk to me here''

*Ollie takes a gulp a little of his Rasputin and sets it aside*

''So yeah, this goes out to the Clowns, Akrasia, Mr. Black and his guys, Ourun, a couple old Liska if you fellas are still kicking and of course all my friends I have ever given the frequency to feel free to contact me for business or leisure, not that I have much time for that anymore''

*Ollie chuckles to himself setting his radio aside taking another sip of his Rasputin*

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*Daniel Black smiles and presses the PTT*

Hello Oliver 

*black smiles*

The 88 will always stand with you

If you ever need anything , do not hesitate to ask 

Glory to the 88

*Daniel Black smiles and lets go off the PTT*

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*Ollie smiles at Blacks response and hold down the PTT*

''Glory to the 88 brother''

*Ollie chuckles to himself, pausing before his next response* 

''For blood and honor''

*Ollie sets his radio down beside him taking another sip from his Rasputin*

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*Daniel flustered grabs his radio, he tunes in and presses the PTT*

Ollie son,

I am going to Novigrad , 

An old pal needs help,  88 business

Look after your self 

Glory to the 88

*Daniel turns off the radio and jumps in his Sedan speeding off down a dirt track*

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*Ollie picks up the radio* 

'Black you around?'

*Ollie pauses*

We need to meet properly, meet me at the 88 HQ, you know were it is'

*Ollie chuckles*

'Glory to the 88 brother, stay safe' 

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*Daniel smiles at the sound of a pal and pushes the PTT*

Hello Hound

*he pauses and smiles*

See you at the HQ , be there soon

Glory to the 88 Brother

*he lets go of the PTT*

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*Fox smiles when she hears Ollie's voice on the radio. She puts away her food, quickly grabs her radio and pushes the PTT*

Hey what's up?

*She giggles before releasing the PTT*

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