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Interview with Thumper

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Ark    229


The idea of interview a community member is to take yet another step forward towards bringing the

community together.

The idea is to create a thread where we will interview a random community member.

During this interview we will ask the community member some questions regarding the community and how their DayZRP experience has been.

This week we interviewed:


Thank you so much for participating!

~ Tell us something unique about yourself! ~

Nothing really unique. I have enough firearms for a small army and hold belts in 3 different martial arts?

~ Which section in the Forum are the you most interested in and why? ~

I'd have to say the Reports. So much time as a Staff member, old habits are hard to break. A lot of the time, they are extremely entertaining.

~ How did you find out about DayZRP? ~

I was playing at another community, looking for a server like DayZRP. I happened upon a youtuber, when typing into Google a search 'dayz roleplay server'.

~ Have you made any friends during your time in this community? ~

Umm, yes quite a few. From staff to the clans I have been in: BHM, CLF, Sairose, Trinity...Anyone that gets to know me for any amount of time will see that I get very attached to my friend and clanmates. Even those that do not play here any more, I try and stay in contact with.

~ Is there something that you would like to see added to our community? ~

I'd like to see one of the side projects on Arma 3 really take off. Hopefully one that is a mod of the community.

~ What are some of your most memorable DayZRP experiences? ~

Any and all of my memories in DayZRP are memorable. From BHM's B&Q, CLF's Haven, to the shenanigans of Sairose...I'll never forget any of them.

~ Do you have a video of your favorite roleplay moment you would like to share with us? ~

Maybe this one. It shows the importance of disarming and unloading weapons.


~ Do you have a video of your favorite funny moment ingame you would like to share with us? ~

This recently happened. There is some desynch glitch, that teleports our hostage out of the building. I think we did a good job of playing it off.


~ What do you think someone should at least do once while playing DayZRP (funny and serious and of course within the rules) ~

While waiting for a restart, or someone to join the group, and while you are not near anyone at all, have someone build a fire, play a tune through a mic, and have a dance party.

~ If you could meet one roleplay character you have met ingame in RL, who it would and why? ~

Any of Kpopkilla's qwerky characters he plays on the fly. If you haven't met one, you are really missing out. He has a wonderful sense of humor and imagination.

~ Ingame, what is your favorite location to hang out? ~

In the north, there are a group of free standing rocks. Back in Sairose version one, we had our camp there. We spent alot of downtime there, running from people, what have you. To this day, if you find it, you might find Rhys O'Riley maintaining the gravesites of a few Irish.

~ What do you feel is the best thing about DayZRP and our community? ~

The people. From the hotheaded, to the 'dicks', to the 'Bambis', we are what make DayZRP what it is. Those of us that care, that build relationships both good and bad, is what makes this community unique.

~ Is there anything you regret IC and OOC, since you have joined DayZRP (if yes, what and why?) ~

Not IC, but a few 'instances' OOC. My 'vacation' I regret, and maybe some of the things Ive said to certain people in the past. They know who they are.

~ Do you have any tips or hints for newcomers? ~

Read the damn rules and play the game. Remember first and foremost, its a game. Stop trying to bend, or find grey areas in the rules and just play. You will find much more enjoyment in the game if you just play it and stop reporting dumb shit. I believe I have a thread somewhere called 'Stop reporting dumb shit'. Its pretty valid today.

~ Is there anything you would like to see more of within the community? ~

I'd honestly like to see more new people coming in take the game a bit more seriously. Forget that Youtubers and streamers play here. Play the game with a bit a meaning, because otherwise you are wasting your time, and everyone elses. This is a unique experience, but, if you are here to meet a youtuber, or interact with them, you are here for the wrong reasons.

Interested in doing our interview?

Well you could be the potential next one!

We randomly pick people.

Keep a close eye on that PM box!

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Castiel    1124

Good interview Thumper. Thank you!

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Majoo    742

Good interview Thumper :)

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Ramon    360

Nice interview, thank you! ;)

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Vic    0

I remembered when you bombed us from tradepost. good times. :3

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Diggy    0

Solid interview Thumper.

Glad to have you back in the community for sure.

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Terra    1449

Very nice. Thank you Thumper!

I like the comment about the "grey areas" and totally agree.

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Jimmy!    0

Father of the Brigade himself! Love you Thumper. Hopefully you have enough space in your basement for us all!

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DickSlide    250

Solid interview.

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