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DayZ Hunter (Needs some assistance)

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Good day everyone, Razareth here.

Been enjoying playing on DayZRP servers and slowly starting to bring my character to life.

Have also met some lovely people so far, but that is for another time.

Anyways, the reason I'm making this threat is I would like to pick the brains of some senior roleplayers regarding my characters appearance.

In short I'm trying to portray a hunter that has been living of the land for two years and only now coming back in contact with civilization.

Now my problem is I would like a good mix of inventory space and to make my character look like the real deal (Want to stay away from the whole military look that Causal players go for of Public servers.)

At the moment I have a Hunter's Backpack as I feel it's a good start.

So any ideas?

Should I try and implement some Ghillie, like just the Hood?

I'm open to all feedback and highly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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I'd go with the leather clothing you can make from animal skins, or maybe just jeans and a hunting jacket. Keep it simple if you are trying to portray that kind of character.

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I would definitely not go with any piece of ghillie.

Im not sure how it might look in combination since I havent tried it yet but here you go:

I would give a try to some kind of hoodie/hunting jacket (but not camo version just plain color) as vest the improvised one you craft from leather or pistol holster, then some hunter pants or jeans and with the backpack you have i think you are good to go. And maybe some nice hat...

Again saying I did not see this in a long time and I did not try this so I'm not sure how it might look :)

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I can recommend you take a look at these 2 guides.

These guides can help you! ;)

DerSchnitzler's Nature Lover Guide & Finn's Playing as a hunter Guide

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I got you fam, I roleplayed a hunter for months here is what I went with and it worked really well

Head: baseball cap or boonie/fishermans hat

Chest/Back: Spring hunting Jacket/ Some sort of check shirt. Hunting backpack or improvised of some sort. Chest holster or green vest (looks like fishing vest)

hands: Some sort of gloves

Legs: jeans, cargo pants, or brown hunting pants

feet: some sort of boots (DO NOT WEAR WELLIES, YOU WILL DIE FROM HEAT!)

Gun: Some sort of rifle (Mosin, Winchester, blaze, etc.) and a magnum or 1911

equipment: Axe, Machete, Hatchet, Hunting knife, Fishing bait and hook, Lantern, matches,  Walkie talkie, canteen/water bottle, cooking stand and cooking pot, ALWAYS have some sort of cooked animal on you, I also liked to carry around a rain coat with me so I could wear it when it rains.



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Jeans and some sort of hunting jacket would look good, maybe even an improvised backpack. It's a good look however I would recommend not listening to us and actually thinking what your character would wear, What's he like? Smart? Scruffy? Would he wear that? Ask yourself a few questions and you should probably be the one to decide what he should be wearing from an IC stand point. Good luck!

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Thanks for all the feedback thus far.

It's really been quite helpful.

I know everyone is entitle to chose what works best for them, but it's nice to see if there is a sort of theme in the community.

Currently my personal setup is actually quite similar.

Though I personally prefer the CR527 Rifle (I think that's the right name).

Would like a Makarov as a sidearm though (feels more like the logical option).

A good melee would be the Spear as well (Then carrying a hatchet in your backpack).

I do like Hiking Boots, but I think I'll lean more the the Military ones (Has a slot for a Combat Knife).

Let me know what you guys think.

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Let me know what you guys think.

Seems like a good set up, my character (Ollie) would not be seen dead in those clothing items regardless have fun in game. :)

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One of the biggest things to keep in mind while choosing your clothing is to not go for any kind of military camo. Keep in mind that you're not a sniper in any form of military, you're a hunter. Hunters only have to hide from animals that aren't even looking for them. Snipers on the other hand are there to hide from other humans who are on a lookout for them. This means no ghillies or military camo. I personally tend to stray away from military vests aswell and go for a handmade vest. It has a decent amount of space while also portraying what your character is about.

So far it seems you're headed in the right direction, I personally go with the handcrafted moccasins over combat boots but I suppose we don't need everyone whose RPing a hunter running around looking exactly alike.

I also carry around a branch on my back instead of a melee weapon and I carry a hatchet in my back for gathering wood. The reason I carry a branch is because it is somewhat of a multi purpose tool. Not only is it one of the easiest things to get, it can also be combined with rope for a bow or fishing hook (which can each be torn down to their original parts with no penalty), combining it with bones creates a spear which is quite lethal, sharpening it will also make it into a less-lethal type of spear, and it can ofcourse be broken down into sticks. So there are many things you can do with this besides just using it as firewood.

This is just what I do personally, but anyways, good luck with your character!

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I think the Brown-Hunting Jacket with green cargo pants looks pretty great, and I personally like the pistol holster.

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