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S2 : KoS / bad initiation NWAF 25-07-2016, 16.27

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Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 25-07-2016, 16.27 

Your in game name: Ragnar Jarnstal

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none

Detailed description of the events:  I was scavenging at the airfield. Walked out of a building, heard a hello. Started running, heard the word "hostage" and then i got shot as I ran.

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Hit Logs:

17:26:27 | Stew hughes SHOT Ragnar Jarnstal by AKM into Chest.
17:26:27 | Ragnar Jarnstal STATUS S::1500 B::3500 H::4400 HP::0.

Kill Logs:

17:26:27 | Player Ragnar Jarnstal has been killed by player Stew hughes

Connection Logs:

17:14:24 | Player Ragnar Jarnstal is connected
17:35:04 | Player Ragnar Jarnstal has been disconnected

16:49:20 | Player Stew hughes is connected
18:32:05 | Player Stew hughes has been disconnected

Calling Stew Hughes into this report.

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Stew Hughes has 24 hours to respond to this report or he'll have to make a ban appeal.

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Stew Hughes will stay temp banned because he failed to give his POV.

We are sorry for beeing unable to solve the report and reach a verdict.

Acussed will stay banned until he gives us his POV in a Ban Appeal.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.


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