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Vehicle persistence in the server?

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Do vehicles in the DayZRP servers currently have persistence? I do know at the beginning of .60 the vehicles were not persistent, however with the recent patch, and this being a private hive, I'm wondering if maybe they are?

**If they are not persistent, where can I see the times that the server resets? -If that information is available.-

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Hello Nakeigh. 

Currently in DayZ standalone persistence with cars are very buggy and really unpredicatble unfortunately there is no official answer to your question.

I did some research on persistence in the .60 patch and I got this.

'Persistance is broken in the current .60 update. Ive had about 9 offroad hatchbacks and 3 sedans at my current base and they have all vanished after me and my friends leave our server. Certainly nobody could have taken our cars because the base is extreemly well hidden. Soon we figured out that the server restart doesnt get rid of the cars but rather no player interaction with them. As long as there is some interaction with your car it shouldnt go away.'

'No one has reported them as persistent, only as non-persistent so far, so thats pretty convincing evidence itself that vehicle persistence is broken.'

To answer your question regarding server times, our servers reset at 1am and 1pm server time.

I hope this answers your question, I am going to /Solve this thread  however I will leave this open for discussion for anyone who might have different knowledge. 

With that said, I will now leave this thread as /Solved

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Oh, yes. I see now. S5 just had a reset.

Rest in piece bus, I hardly knew her.

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