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Hello Survivors! New to RP!

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Hey every one a new guy here! I see dayz has improved over the past month or so and I was looking to get back into it! I played a lot when it was the mod on arma 2 and my favorite part was interacting with players. i was playing on random open servers on SA but people KOS like crazy even when i'm a fresh spawn... what? I've been watching a couple DayZRP series on YouTube and figured this was a pretty cool community. I've played on the server a couple times already, and honestly I've been a bit nervous about my first RP experience as this is the first time I've role played on a game. Because of that I've avoided the busy places on the map like the south and north west air force base, but I've played a couple hours the past two days and haven't encountered a single soul so I think I'm just going to get into it.

As for who I am, my name is Frank and I'm from Canada. I'm in school to be a Motion graphic Designer, I'm in pre-production for my grad project at the moment If your into the 80s tron style or OutRun/Synthwave music it might interest you ::D 

I do have a couple questions, I was searching for information on the proper way to use TS but couldn't find any concrete information. So when someone in game says something along the lines of "Can you get on my radio freq" they mean "Do you want to join TS" right? I know there are radios in game but I'm not sure if they are used. Also on TS are you supposed to stay in character, or are you free to speak casually?

Thanks guys cant wait to play!, sorry for the long introduction post, most forums I've been on are a little more detailed than just a "hey what sup I'm new"

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Welcome to dayzrp!!

On teamspeak there are IC channels (it will usually say "IC comms" but the rest are occ.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM :)

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Welcome to DayZ RP! As far as your question is, when someone asks you to join their radio frequency (and they give you the numbers) search for that frequency on the teamspeak and join their open comms. As far as talking IC and OOC in their channel, that is usually at the discretion of the group as they are all different. I'd stay in character unless told otherwise.

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Most people ask "wanna join our frequency" because they wanna roll with you ic and ooc, thus making you all a dynamic group.

Ts is indeed OOC, however some channels are ooc.

Also, welcome to the community! And don't be afraid to RP it's really nothing to be afraid of, you could always take the scared survivor character to compensate for yourself being hesitant to rp.

If ya need anything else let me know or any other community helper.

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