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Peter Pance

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This is the story of Peter Pance.

Growing up Peter was an ambitious young kid. Always a lover of the great outdoors and the vastness of the oceans. When he was young he spent many summers camping, hiking, challenging his survival skills. His parents brought him up to love everyone and everything. Nothings black and white, the world is gray, and its your play ground. So explore. At the age of 18 Peter decided to join the Military. He set off for the United States Navy that winter. Filled with many ups and downs his Navy career taught him many valuable lessons as a man. He spent time in Special Forces as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal, before getting in some trouble and being sent to a ship. Peter accepted this reality, but found comfort in the vast open ocean and seeing the world. He spent the remaining two years on that ship, creating life long friends and even throwing a divorce under his belt.

 Peter though, also realized how much he disliked the military. With an understanding of government corruption, and great military complexes running wars for show and money decided he wanted nothing to do with such filth flarn filth. When Peter was finally finished with his military term, he finally felt free again. Ready to explore the world unconstrained by higher ranked people telling him what to do. No more curfews or laws. Peter did what he could for money for the most part though, just traveled across the Americas. Hitching rides where he could, walking mostly. He always felt bad about it, but Peter never stole so much in his entire life till that point. When people ask him about it, he merely responds "It was that, or starve." Peter was always such a humble man, always honest, and willing to help. Always feeling understanding and somewhat had a sixth sense He always said. "Can just kind of get, feelings from people when I'm around em, just kinda, trust my gut when I feel something about people." He damn sure did to always seem right too. Peter was down hard in life, but at the same time enjoying his freedom. He eventually made it to the West Coast, Washington State. Down and out looking for work Peter eventually landed himself a job working down at the Docks. He found sanctity in making good money, and being able to travels the seas once again. This time a different man. A more free man.

Peter spent a good 2 years as a Mariner seeing twice as many countries than in the Navy. It was about the end of September of 2014. He had just gotten back from flying home and visiting his parents and his one brother back home in Michigan. His ship was set to go to a country just below Russia, Chernarus. Peter was excited with the learning of this, as he once had the opportunity to goto St Petersburge Russia. Though the trip was cut short due to problems with ship. He remember how upset he was. Although Chernarus isnt exactly Russia, He still knew of its bustling countryside. The only reason Peter even knew that was from an article he once read about the Civil Conflicts back in '09. His trip across the Pacific was a cold one. But the stars were the best part, and the blues and greens and purples you see in the milky way on those real dark nights.

 When we finally reached the Ports of Chernogorsk. He realized something wasnt right. No one would respond to our radio calls as we approached. We anchored out a good 200 yards off the coast, and tried for days to reach someone. All the while some people were getting more anxious on this ship. On the fourth day, He remembers standing watch up by the pilot house. The radio keyed in, and a strong stern voice comes across. Speaking in broken English. He answered the radio call happy to finally hear someone. Yelling down to the Captain to come up from the deck below. The man had told us what was happening in the country, and about the infected. Devastated and confused, the captain gathered the ship crews attention over the 1MC and explained the situation as told to him. Withing hours our ships was in disarray. People were stealing food, supplies, jumping over board. Wanting to get off the ship. Peter happened to notice a group getting a lifeboat down. The smarter option he thought. After getting to the coast, people were heading in every direction. Peter himself started to head North, having previous knowledge of Chenarus the best safest place was in the mountains.

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