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Teleport lag?

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Sometimes I'll just be running along in the wilderness, minding my own business and I get massive lag where I teleport backwards a few minutes. 

Does this have anything to do with internet speed or video settings? 

If anyone knows of any way to fix this sort of issue, any suggestions would be much appreciated as it can be very annoying!! 


 -Cloudjumper :)

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Hey man.

That's often refereed too as "Rubber Banding" and it's pretty much to do with either the servers connection/ping or your home connection/ping.

Restarting the router and calling up your ISP might give you some headway.

Hope this helps.

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Like cow said, it's just bad connection and it happens to a lot of people. High ping often causes this, for instance one server for me (can't recall which right now) lags a lot due to my high ping. Keep an eye on your ping, if it's above 150 id suggest trying another sever or restarting your router. I person my had bad connection in my bedroom so I bought a wifi extender.


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Thanks guys, I'll keep that stuff in mind. 

I've never had many issues with my internet and my ping is generally low. In future, I'll try switching servers!

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