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Signorina Vale, is Enzo [broadcast on 100.7]

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Enzo, puts his left shoe back down on the table.

He puts the rag back down beside it and decides to take a break. He picks up the radio, stands up from his chair, and walks around the small room in socked feet.

"Signorina Vale, is Enzo. We spoke a few day ago. You make me a- a proposition... I'm no sure what else to say..."

"I leave the items you ask for with you associate, e he give me a receipt. I get lucky e find the stuff quick. There a few more ting then what you ask for, consider a tip I guess."

"Anyway, I only reach out because is been a few day now e I no hear from you. Then I realize, is maybe because you give me frequency e I no give you one- sometimes, I'm no too sharp." He chuckles while holding down the transmit button before continuing, "Ifa you need anyting else, you let me know, ok bella? OK."

Enzo releases the transmit button and sets the radio back down on the small table beside his shoes. He sits down back in front of it, picks up the rag again, and continues to polish his loafers.

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