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Friend in need. [open freq.]

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::Kole would push down the PTT button and speak into the radio with a frustrated and tired voice::

Hello... To any doctors out there who are still offering there services, we need someone to look at one of our friends. His name is Mendez, and he had some sort of psychological breakdown. If any doctors with experience with psychology can come to Lexington it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

::He would release the PTT button while walking past the tree Mendez tried to hang him in, and he would sigh::

I don't know what to do...

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*As Charles is patrolling Lexington he hears Koles voice over the radio explaining the Mendez Situation he raises his radio to his mouth and says"

"Brah I think he is a lost cause just put him down"

*He places his radio in his vest pouch to continue patrol*

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Richard Nowell picks up his radio for once, and starts broadcasting.

"Last I checked, the only shrinks in this shit hole of a country were all vampires. Your friend is probably better off being insane, no offense."

Transmission ends.

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*Tucker slumps down to the floor in shock. 'It couldn't be... could it?' he thinks to himself. Without hesitating, he grabs a hold of his radio and quickly depresses the PTT*

"R-Ricky... Is that fuckin' you? I said is that fuckin' you! YOU Chooch SON OF A BITCH! Where the fuck are you! Answer me you prick! You missed my wedding asshole!"

*he releases the PTT and waits for any response*

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*Dmitri turns his radio on*

"I think you are confused my friend. There is no "Lexington" in Chernarus. We cannot help you if you are all the way in America. Plus, how do you even read us from that far away?"

*The broadcast cuts out*

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*Radio Crackles To Life*

Why hello there, my name is doctor Krieger. I may have met your friend. Lexington is a nice town I don't see how one could go mad in such a friendly place.

*loud banging noises are heard in the back*

(talking away from the radio)

"Calm down my bloodbag, worry not you will be free of this pain soon."

"wait is this still on?"

*radio falls on ground*

Well at any rate I am a doctor if you need

*a shot is heard just before the radio signal ends*

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Sadie would hold down the button of the radio, speaking plainly,

"Dr. Wesley Teller can assist Mendez... he is trusted by us."

She'd release the button quickly, shaking her head at how weak minded some people had seemingly become.


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*Viktor picks up his radio for one of the last times*

Eh Mendez is some sort of idiot

*Stops to take a swig from his bottle of Vodka*

I say let him die, and if anyone at Lexington knows a guy called Zeek tell him i cant make the deal no more

*Stops to down the rest of the cheap vodka, then saying without realising he is still transmitting*

fucking Mendez, wouldn't mind putting a bullet in his head, oh for fuck sake is this thing on

*The transmission button is stuck and you can hear Viktor throwing the radio in to the distance

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::Kole sighs and says "Son of a bitch" Before pressing the PTT::

Yes I will inform Zeke of this... Sorry we could not do business.

::He takes his finger off the PTT and sighs with frustration:: 

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