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Lost Account


Matt120    0

So I have made an account a few months ago, but when trying to sign in recently I forgot my username. So I clicked forgot password and tried filling that in with every email I could (I have at least 3 main emails). It didn't recognize any of my emails even though I made an account with one of them a few months ago. So now, signing in and creating an entire new account, it says that my steam has already been used for another account - my old one, lost in time. So, if anyone could figure out how I obtain my old account i'd really appreciate you for the rest of my life lmfao.

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Castiel    1124

Your account will have been pruned due to inactivity. Come into the Helpdesk on TeamSpeak and I will have an Administrator help you unlink your steam from the previous account and link it to your current one.


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