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Richard Wilson

Richard C. Wilson's story from his birth to his current state.

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Richard C. Wilson, full name Richard Charlie Wilson was born in Chernarus, in the town Komarovo. My big brother, who is three years older than me, Dylan J. Wilson, full name Dylan Jordan Wilson, was always there to protect me and teach me all kinds of stuff I would eventually need in my life. Our family being below average wage made the games we played together more intimate, creating a bond that would last for decades. When I was 10 and my brother 13, our parents had a huge argument which made them divorce, I always had been closer to my dad so I decided to move away from my mother and brother, it wasn't easy but after a while, I adopted the idea of them not being there. But in my mind and heart, they always missed me. My dad and I moved to Sinistok while my brother went to Chernogorsk with my mother. My dad taught me all the things he knew, how to farm a land, how to effectively cut down trees but one skill taught by him would reveal most important later in my life, hunting and how to maintain hunting equipment. After several years apart, my father died of a heart attack while cultivating the land he had bought right after the divorce. That was on May 25th 2012, on May 27th, I attended funerals which my brother also attended but my mother was not present that day. I wanted to grieve the death of my father in company of my brother so I moved into their apartment in Chernogorsk as the only thing keeping us apart back then was the relationship between my mother and father being so tense after the divorce. We went on living our normal lives until the day that changed everything... October 11th 2014. On a gloomy Saturday, we were both watching TV when we saw on the news that there was some kind of outbreak and that the towns of Zelenogorsk and Myshkino we're almost fully consumed by the infection. Our mother was working at the grocery store when we learnt about the outbreak, we seemed to have learnt of the news at the same time as everyone else as everyone was packing their bags and moving away from the towns to get to the safe heaven we all believed in at the beginning... I took the rifles my father had left me in heritage and gave one to my brother, taught him how to use it in five minutes and we headed out towards the grocery store, when we got there, all we found were empty shelves, blood on the ground from an unknown origin as we couldn't find anybody hurt. We searched for our mothers in and around the grocery store but found nothing but chaos and despair. Since then, I taught my brother what my father had taught me and I learnt from him all of what our mother had taught him. To this day, we are still searching for our mother...

Since then : I woke up in Chernogorsk... My brother and mother were gone, I did not know what to do other than to seek out and find my family so that's what I did. I took my dad's hunting rifle and magnum and head out. I found a couple people along the way that told me they had met a Dylan J. Wilson up North... Finally a clue, a direction, a lead to follow! As I was heading North, I met a communist named Bojan who told me that a certain mailman was roaming around up North and that he knew pretty much anyone so I thought about it and figured that he would probably know my brother. But before I could find him, one of the most wonderful things that could've happened to actually happened... I found my brother, looking for food in a gas station. My heart was filled with joy at that moment and since we're finally reunited I have someone to look over me as I watch over him as well. Some news we're bitter than the others, our mother was gone, nowhere to be found. So we decided to go and search for her.

Richard C. Wilson

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