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Hey Everyone

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MrDogtod    0

Hey am new to DayZ RP have been on some roleplay servers before and really enjoyed the experiences I had and hope to continue this here.

For anyone interested this is my backstory

My name is Vincent Fisk and I am not a nice person. I am 32 years old and was born in Barnstaple, UK but moved to London when I was a child, I was never into sports but I was able to learn the game and manipulate it to my advantage and by the time I was 14 I was running a betting ring at my school. At 15 I had dirt on all my teachers and was able to blackmail them into getting test results to sell to students. When I left school at 16 I had a few thousand in the bank and decided to expand on my business ventures. I started small by selling weed and helping organise and take bets on illegal underground fights. I moved onto harder substances like heroin and cocaine and eventually met Peter who loved to take coke on the weekend but worked in the council offices during the week. It took awhile but I was able get incriminating evidence on all the local councillors by pure manipulation of Peter. I used the connections I had made to invest in legitimate business ventures to help funnel the money from my illegal businesses. I expanded into importing illegal goods and prostitution. By 2008 I had the council and the police in my pocket and I met Kelly, She was the most beautiful person I had even seen and we were married within a few months. She didn't mind my illegal activities but always advised me on where to draw the line. I started to use my contacts to help the police find human traffickers and anyone conducting in activities with children. In a way I believed it would be a way to make up for some of the bad things I have done in my life. In 2010 I had started to expand my business out into the wider world and helped supply the Chernarus Government with weapons to help deal with civil unrest and in return I could funnel my money through Chernarus in the guise of aid. I was on top of the world especially when my wife announced she was pregnant. My little girl Kennedy was born in early 2011. Life was good. Then came the unthinkable. On the 9th October 2014 a member of the Chernarus government and my good friend-, Viktor, contacted me to inform me they needed as much weaponry as possible due to an incident. I told him I would come out personally but he told me that Order 62 was to be enforced. Then he wished me well and hoped to meet again one day. If I had known then what I do now I would never have left the two people who meant the most to me in all the world, but I have never been one to leave any friends in trouble so I got on my private jet that day and headed to Chernarus. On route we were diverted to Takistan and after finally making it to the Chernarus border I was met by the biggest military force I had seen. I managed to find some of the Chernarus military forces who I knew from past visits and they helped me to get over the border and help me to find Viktor. The devastation I found was like something out of a horror movie and as we pressed on towards Chernogorsk we got attacked by some guys who looked like they had some kind of flesh eating disease. As my military escort tried to fight them off more came from behind so I fled determined to find my friend and get out again. I walked for days, I was lost until I finally saw some people, real people and not whatever these infected things were. I headed towards them and realised to late that it was my biggest mistake. This group took me hostage and took my gear they kept me locked up for weeks or months I'm not sure, I lost track of time. They fed me and kept me hydrated but they never told me what they were going to do with me but I kept strong with thoughts of seeing my wife and child again. One day I heard gunfire from outside my small prison and lots of shouting, suddenly the door to my prison was flung open and I was dragged out and thrown forward. After my eyes adjusted to the light I saw what looked like a war another group had attacked my kidnappers and both sides were losing people and as the fighting intensified I found myself alone on the edge of whatever town or settlement I was currently in, i'll admit I was too scraed to look, and I just ran and ran. I survived on berries and pond water for weeks until I finally made it to the shore where I collapsed from exhaustion. I woke up sometime later feeling more like myself and determined to find my friend Viktor and get back to my wife and child. I just need to survive.

Hope to see you all soon

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McDugals    39

Wow man hell of an intro! Your character seems pretty shady! Welcome to the community and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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Castiel    1124

Now that is a cool story. Welcome to the community, man.

If you have any questions or need anything feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to help you out!

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