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To the West family. [Open Freq.]

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*Ragnar sits down by the fire he made in the old hangar and suddenly he Remembers the radio Donald gave him. He pulls it out and to his relief, it works. He pushes the com-button*

To the West family or anyone else who hears this, its Ragnar here.

I did not know who else to turn to, after I lost you guys I made myself back to the bus only to be ambushed by to me two unknown men. 

I managed to get away and I am now safely back at the hangar but I am scared, hurt and cold. I dont think Jack is coming back since it has been days since he left. 

*he pauses*

You are the only ones I can trust here and I need to get away. I dont feel safe and I am not sure if those men from before are after me. 

There is gunfire to be heard from time to time... I dont know for how long I will make it on my own.

*The radio turns off, Ragnar smacks it and it comes back to life.*

If anyone is out there, West family or not. I am in dire need of help and I will be forever in your debt if you come for me.

I am holed up inside one of the hangars in what I think is Balota. 

*Smacks the radio again*

I will keep this radio on for as long a possible, but I am afraid the batteries are getting low.

*His voice breaks up into static and then it goes quiet*

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*Dr. West freezes while examining a glass slide against the light of a lantern. He glances to his radio with an expression of utter confusion and then shakes his head. Ignoring the broadcast, he clicks off his radio and continues to examine the glass slide.*

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