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Trouble at the Airport [Open Freq]

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* James catch's his breath and push's the transmit button*

This is a warning to everyone in the area

*James takes a big breath*

There are two men at the northern most airport wearing white armbands who are firing upon other survivors

*James takes his fingers of the transmit button and sits down, he then picks up the radio and presses the button*

one of the men had a black bag and a greenish face mask along with browny greenish clothes i dont think they were military

*James takes another breath*

i was lucky to escape but i dont think this over guy was as lucky as me

I urge you to stay clear and  keep and eye out for this group of 2

This is James Peterson signing off, Stay safe out there.

*James lets go of the transmit button and continues to put some distance between him and the airport.*

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Wave picks up his radio and clicks it on.

"No shit buddy".

Wave clicks off his radio.

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*Holds the PTT button*

"Oh really Sherlock ?" *Laughs* "Welcome to South Zagoria kid !"

*Releases the PTT button*

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*Caddy Cadillac reclines behind his studio microphone, eagerly shuffling the stained notes on his desk*

"Oh me oh my, did you say white armbands? Well shit son, count yourself lucky because you may have just run into a group of boys calling themselves the "Brotherhood". Now from the reports ol' Caddy's been hearing they're real rabid dogs - shoot first, ask questions later cannibals. They usually stay out of the way of the bigger boys up North but cream themselves at the sight of a lone survivor.

Keep your head down and hope an organised force like the Kingdom can sweep the floor with them I reckon. Hope I gave ya some info my man, this is Caddy Cadillac signing off!"

"Caddy releases the microphone and stands up from his desk, swaying in a stupor as empty Rasputin cans roll about on the floor.*

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