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Outrun camp cleared up [Open Freq.]

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*Archer turns the radio on, he looks a little bit bloody, but who wouldn't when you slaughter four bandits...*

Hey, I'm talking to outrun camp? I presume so. From my sources I got who cleared your camp, I will tell it on private radio if I will find it... That's why I'm contacting on every frequency... Anyways once we meet I will tell you the rest...


*Archer turns the radio off while cleaning his M4A1 from blood*

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*Josh presses the PTT Button down after he listened to Archer's Message*

You have our private radio frequency now. Thanks for helping us out. Always much appreciated

*He releases the button and rests the radio on the ground infront of him*

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*Connor sits ant camp and hears the frequency, speaking with an irish accent*

Sounds like the camp i got caught up in, hope all is well with you guys, im assuming Outrun. 

God bless you that youre trying to stop people from doing things like that, very noble of ya.

Also, to the people of Outrun, should you need help, we seem to be similar people, id like to meet you. 

*Connor keeps the frequency open and turns the volume up while he chats with Chuck*

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