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This is Raees Mian and this is my story!

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My name is Raees Mian and this is my story!

I was born and grown up in the small town Zelenogorsk, working there as a Police Chief. Our house was only a few blocks away from the station, this is where me, my wife Sabrina and my daughter Zoya lived for many years.

It was the 10th October 2014, i was on annual leave for 2 weeks to take a break from work. We had planned to leave to the North East side of Chernarus where we would look for a motel and stay for a week. We had not planned on where we were going to stay, we just thought that we would go on a little adventure and see where the road takes us.

We had packed our luggage and loaded the car and were on our way, when we heard emergency broadcast on the radio warning everyone to stay indoors and lock up. The city was on lockdown! No solid information was given on what was actually going on. Just that we were all in danger and remain indoors. Travelling through the town we had noticed a lot of panic and civilians dashing everywhere frantically. We wasn’t sure what to make of it at the time, so we just carried on driving.

We had driven for just over an hour and had left Zelenogorsk. At this point we had an argument and couldn’t decide if we should head back to our home or continue on to the North-East destination we had planned. My wife was in favour of continuing on while my heart was telling me to return back to our town, as seeing all carnage on the streets i thought that maybe i would probably be needed back on duty. 

We had reached the outskirts of Gorka, when we heard further reports of military operations being carried out in the South of Chernarus, the situation had gotten a lot worse then we could have ever imagined. At this point we were unsure however what towns were effected by this operation, we were just hoping that our town was okay.

When we finally entered the town of Gorka, it was mayhem! It was crazy, it was almost as if we were seeing people chasing people. Accidents blocked roads, windows of shops were shattered and looted. Vehicles destroyed all over the place. 

Suddenly a women banged into the side door of our car, screaming for help while banging on the window, i got out of the car to have a look telling my wife and daughter to remain inside. After stepping out I got a good look at the lady and noticed that her left sleeve was totally torn apart and she had long scratch marks on her arm. Blood was slowly oozing out from her wounds. She cried for help and asked me if she could please go with us and get away from this town. That she needed to see a doctor and the hospital in this place was empty and closed. I was baffled at what to do! Thinking about my family in the car, would i really want to put them in the car with this stranger who was bleeding like this? 

I was thinking of what decision to make when i saw a bunch of dirty scuffed up men coming towards us. Some limping, some walking, while another one running. I quickly jumped in the car and told the lady to do the same. The car was already running, so i quickly drove off while one of the men banged his hand against the back car window. I put my foot down and dodged the littered streets as best as i could. We had left the town when the lady in the back started moaning. She was in real bad pain. 

Sabrina cried for me to pull over as soon as possible, i saw a farmhouse up ahead, in the middle of knowhere, It looked a bit deserted but i told her lets pull over there and see if can find some help, a medkit, bandages anything! We pulled over and shouted for help, there was no answer, it looked like the owners had left the place in a hurry. Front door and gates were left unlocked! I took the girl from the car inside and lay her down on the sofa, I then went back outside to get my daughter and wife and also lock the front gate. It was very dark outside and we were in the middle of a forest with nothing else in sight. 

Me and Sabrina rushed around the farmhouse looking for bandages or anything to help stop the bleeding of the girl, we didn’t find anything, so i took off the bedsheets from one of the beds in the bedroom and cut this with a hunters knife i found in the bedroom drawer. I quickly took this to wrap it around the lady’s arm. Moments later i saw her breathe her last breath as she passed away.

It had been a few days since we left our home town and we had no idea what was going on apart from the fact that this seemed like Judgement day and that the world was going to end. We listened to the radio as closely as we could trying to get as much information as possible to learn what was actually happening to the world.

A day had passed since the women had died, she had remained on the couch with a bed sheet covering her. We had lost count of what day or date it was at this point.  But that night it was a very cold night. 

We had taken one of the bedrooms upstairs and had gone to sleep. A few hours had passed when i heard banging on the front door downstairs. Someone was trying to get inside. We all suddenly woke up, we slowly went downstairs and heard voices of about 3-4 men outside the door. I asked who is it and what do they want? They replied back, please open the door we need shelter, we are cold and hungry. I replied back saying that sorry i have only enough food for my family and for only a few days. They started banging louder and then attacked the door with an axe, i quickly went into the front room to get the Hunting knife that i had left there from before and realised that the lady on the sofa was missing! WTF? where had she disappeared to! 

The door broke down and the guys came walking in! At the same time the lady who had died came running out of the kitchen area straight to the man that was in front of the group, she bit him right in the neck before he could even move! The guy fell right down and then another guy smashed the axe into the ladys head spilling blood everywhere! Only moments had passed and i started running up to these guys with the knife another guy came out from behind these guys with a baseball bat and knocked me in the head while i managed to stab one of these guys with the knife in the arm. I fell to the ground with my vision going blurry. I then saw the guy who had been bitten from the lady grab Sabrina’s foot and bite around her ankle, she screamed loudly while the guy with the axe finished the lady off. At this moment, my vision was almost completely gone and the last thing i saw was the remaining guys grape my wife and daughter and carrying them out of the house into their cars.

When i finally woke up, i saw all the body’s around me and remembered what had happened! I still couldn’t believe it. 

Days, Weeks, Months passed, i continued to look for my beloved daughter and wife. I found many survivors, many infected, many gangs that i had to fight or talk my way through in trying to find my family. But i had no luck in finding them. I didn’t even come across the guys that took them. I still remember there faces. 

I also remember her getting bit so wondered if she was still okay. I mainly searched in the northern parts of Chernarus but almost two years have passed and i still have not discovered anything! I am not going to give up, i refuse to give up, until my last breath i will continue to search for my family, if they are alive or dead, i will find them! 

Most of the time i find myself wondering from town to town searching for them, risking my life on the streets, risking my life by entering every house and base i can find! I will continue to risk myself until i find them!

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