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M. Romanov's Journal

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My name is Marko Romanov, and the current date is 18/07/2016. Three days in this country and it is the opposite of what I expected it to be. I thought the people here would be all dead. I suppose not. I have made myself known to Todd and his 'Family', as they call it. They seem to trust me after watching Todd's back at a meeting held by a certain King Joffrey. These people, they are hunted non-stop, as I found out at Joffrey's Conference. They do the torture, I do the taking and guarding. It is certainly an easy life, better than being stuck in Grozny, no doubt.

Today, I was put in an uncomfortable position, being forced to strangle a man and put him through long, drawn out torture. Afterwards, I was the one to end his suffering. This I did not enjoy, however, being with Todd and his people has made life as comfortable as it can be, given the situation we are in. Being in this position, within this 'Family' as they call themselves is a position worth keeping... better than being on the receiving end. As such, I will continue to obey Todd for the time being until I figure out a better place to go. I am reluctant to trust him, but I have nowhere else to go...

Getting to know these people is very difficult, given that they are ones for having fun, and partying. My personality does not match with theirs. The torture is not who I am, the fun is not who I am. Staying alive by doing whatever is necessary is who I am. Torture and fun and partying is extra... for them, not for me.

I will continue to write in this journal as I see things, for I will not be alive for very long in such a risky day-to-day scheme...

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