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Haven't played in a while, want to return

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I've been looking around for the answer for a while, but I haven't had much luck so far. I'm sorry if I've missed the obvious.

Long story short, I applied back in 2014 to play on arma 2 dayzrp server. Got accepted and played for a little while. I ended up having another game pop up that I put a lot of time into for a while so I stopped (it's a shame I didn't find DayZRPJ earlier.) My main question is simple: I have absolutely no idea if I'm whitelisted yet. From what I gather, I'm not. Do I just have to submit another application or is there something else I can do/setting I can check?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, if you were once whitelisted, back in September we introduced a new whitelist system and you had a month to do the steam integration to keep your whitelist. If you didn't during that month you have to go through the steps of the whitelist again. 

Does this answer your question?

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Bummer but yes it does! ha, thank you

You will have to redo it.



If you need help with it. Contact a community helper or any staff. Good luck.

Yeah, I was afraid of that with the whitelisting only getting opened intermittently. Was trying to avoid having to pay to get it reviewed ::( thank you

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