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Dr. Pisces' Notes

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The following below list the concerns, consequences and theory upon the Court’s discussion held a few days back. After overhearing the certain subjects brought up it has come to my attention to write down what may psychologically affect and physically affect both genders for the outcome which may happen in the short future. Though not fully qualified to state what may happen psychologically it brings concern what is a possibility.


Though there may be more men ratio to women it concerns the fact that every women has to be married. Marriage from any perspective can be different but the chemical bonding from one person to another which helps socially can work however mixtures on two people who do not chemically bond may end up causing more chaos than it is worth. I have witnessed people married from their own appeal and some being forced. My concern is if the marriages are forced and the male or female victim suffers due to this it is then our responsibility to be emotional support; leading onto pathways of them having the ideas that though we are doctors we may be trained to do everything. When really, it isn’t.

One of my main goals currently is to search out a qualified psychologist or therapist, though the possibility is slim to none it is something that may be desperately called for.

Emotion terms can involve depression, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional abuse, self-harm, suicide, drug overdoses, drug abuse, lack of appetite and so on. If this happens, I’m afraid of what may happen in long term.


Second objective stated; pregnancy and childbirth. Though it may seem like an easy task to carry around a fetus until ready to birth I am concerned the fact on a number of topics.

The first topic brought immediately to attention is if the women has been forced to marry a person (or man) that they do not love would this also involve rape or women/men coming to us whom ask doctors to operate on them to make them infertile.

When the women does/if becomes pregnant would there be enough food and drink to nourish to gather the main factors to maintain both mother and baby are going to survive through this. The main nutrients needed: Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils. Some of the foods we run into today will lack certain keys stated and will have to eat double the amount the average women should do.

Fail to do so can cause miscarriages, liver failure in the mother, still born children and/or the mother dying from lack of content to give the amount of energy to survive through the birth.

If mothers also have tomophobia and refuse to have a caesarian section can also be an issue and may cause distress and an increase of heart rate. Both of these also have a high chance of failing due to the lack of nourishment now-a-days can also have a loss of blood which may not be able to recover from.

I do not think it should be allowed to have children if the cause of death and risk is going to be a high percentage. Most births that have tried to be carried out have either had:


A source of torture


Cause of death to both baby and mother (or separately)

If a women however is happily married and is wanting a child from the spouse there is a percentage she may have a ghost pregnancy; the body system will act as if she is pregnant when really she is not. Causing her to need to eat more than the average women would do and may lose blood in the process. This situation can cause trauma to the women and may have psychological effects that can either be dangerous to other people or to herself.


If there is a successful birth it concerns on the genetics as mothers and fathers carry either dominant or recessive genes; this can be from hair colour, eye colour, blood type etc.

My theory on the virus that have the infected run around is there is a less possibility of the mother and father to be likely to gain the virus and have it develop to show physically. I believe that the antibodies in the blood cells connect to the mutating virus antibodies which keys to not allowing the infection to develop to it’s final stage. However the concern I have is if the mother or father have a recessive gene which means the antibodies do not key with the antigens, then the child may be able to develop the final stage of the virus if bitten - scratched - blood to blood contact, if recessive gene has been developed to the child. And if so, if the child is still unborn but has the stage to develop the virus and the mother has had contact with the infect; what would happen whilst the child is still inside the womb? Would it be developing the stages of the infection whilst unborn?

This is very worrying and concerning.

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