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A Message to the Saints

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*picks up radio and turns it on, the click of a single Winchester bullet loading into the gun can be heard* 

[align=left]"Did you hear that Saint scum, that was me reloading my Winchester. Do you know why? Because the other bullet went right through your precious doctors head. He set us up and he paid the price for it as will all of the members of your group, the last thing you "saints" will hear is my Winchester before you drop dead."

*Turns of radio and disappears into the forest.*

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*Mr Black Chuckles To him-self*

I love it when people chat shit on the radio , Tickles me pickle and that

*he takes a deep long breath*

I Have not got a clue who these `saints` are ,

By the sounds off it , they should be shitting them selves  !

*Mr Black Throws the radio down and smiles*

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"The Saints can not be trusted"

*Elijah sighs*

"Pretty sure it was one of them or an imposter who ratted out my brothers location to them"

"These guys will pretend to be your friend only to get themselves in a better position to back stab you"

*end transmission*

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*Lukashenko holds the PTT button on his radio, the faint sound of sticks and leaves being crushed under his boots being heard in the background*

My name is not important, but i can also confirm the Saints are snakes. Watch your rear around them.

*The radio clicks off*

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Jack Carson pulls out his radio. He pauses for a few seconds before flipping on the transmit switch and talking into the radio with a deep and husky voice*

"Your men were scum, they deserved to die. As for Krieger... he's fine. Next time learn how to confirm a kill before blatantly spouting nonsense. As for why we killed your men, we wiped out your little brotherhood because you came to our turf, our town, and decided to fuck with Joffrey and my men. I have no respect for a man who taunts others... especially after making a fool of himself."

*Jack pauses a couple seconds to recollect his thoughts before speaking into the radio again*

"We Saints are good people. We have no control over what shitty remarks or rumors people spread. So go ahead, dishonor us, taunt us, do whatever the hell you please. Just know that the next time we see you or your "Brotherhood" again... we won't hesitate like the last time."

"Oh, and to any other survivors listening in on this... just remember that Grishino is our town. You don't want to make the same mistake as this idiot and his men did."

"Jack out..."

*Jack Carson flips off the transmit switch on his radio and stuffs the radio back into his bag. He then looks down at the bodies of "The Brotherhood". There are six bodies total, all of them are lying in a pile on the main road of Grishino. They are all covered in gasoline and the rotting smell of the corpses is beginning to waft through town. With the flick of his lighter, Jack ignites the bodies and then walks back to his new home. He sits down and proceeds to eat lunch in his dinning room.*

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*Axel picks up his radio and presses down on the button to transmit*

His head looked fine to me so id say you should probably work on your aim. Now to the rest of you rebellious Brotherhood, what happened tonight was not the fault of The Saints it was your own fault. Do not come into OUR land and try to plot against his grace King Joffrey or at least know who his friends are before you do so. His grace has declared you his enemies and so therefore we must consider you ours. We do still thank you for your generous donations to the Doctors experiments, and when he has recovered I am sure he would be glad to tell you himself. And just remember all the bloodshed could have been avoided had you and your "brothers" just complied. You should also keep in mind that while you shot one of us 6 of you were taken down. The next time you come into a Kingdom controlled town id be more careful. Best of luck to you in your venture however and no hard feelings, its just business.

*he releases the button and strolls through the middle of Grishino with his rifle resting on his shoulder whistling a tune*

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*Krieger flips on radio*

"Do not worry my friends, I have made a full recovery and hope to see you soon."

*Screaming starts in the background*

(yelling into the back) "YOU WILL BE SILENT MEAT"

*screaming continues as a chainsaw starts. Two men run into the room yelling "krieger what the hell" static and reving of the chainsaw dominates over all other volume. revving stops*

"Sorry, Sorr-"

*Transmission stops*

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*Dillan listens into the radio, he hears a lot of replies to his message but he is waiting for the doctors. Dillan then turns on his radio*

[align=left]"I thought maybe your friend was lying about you still being alive but apparently you are still breathing. But Listen here doctor, we gave you our blood, we tried to be nice. but now it is clear to me that you are mad, and next time I see you, I will make sure that all 5 of my winchester rounds go in your skull, you hear me! YOU AND ALL YOUR FUCKING MEN ARE GOING TO DIE! THIS WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED!"

*Collects himself and looks around to make sure his yelling didn't attract any attention before turning the radio off*

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Hello .. friend,

You and your friends are experiencing what some would call "War". Your leader started it with rebellion.. and then came to me saying that we should have a "cease fire" or "else we would die.". I explained to your leader that this attitude would not be acceptable, and the only terms of cease-fire we would accept would be the end of your rebellious behavior to the Kingdom, and a formal surrender. Until these two things happen I will continue to have my wonderful allies, The Saints, and others continue to attack you, day in, and day out.

Tell your leader we are always standing by our radios. Should he change his mind about this "War" he started.

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