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[New Era] Thomas Hyde

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[align=justify]Las Vegas, "Disneyland for Adults", "The City of Lights", the city where dreams are made.

That's what most would say about Las Vegas; it was a place where people came to party, gamble, drink.. And leave the next day. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Very few took the time to think of what it was like, for those living there, those who grew up there, went to school.

Life wasn't the easiest in the city of dreams, especially for young boys.

Thomas never knew who his father was, most likely due to the fact that his mother was a stripper and part time hooker, he understood early on he would never know who the man was. It was life, how he was raised. Without a father. "What man would want to marry a whore anyways?" he would often think.

He didn't think highly of his mother, even though she did what she considered the best she could do. Leaving a young child alone wasn’t something doable, daycare was too expensive for her small salary. Bringing her son to work was the only solution she found. And so Thomas spent most of his youth

in a strip club. His mother would sneak him backstage, leaving him in the changing room whilst it was her turn on stage. The other strippers loved Thomas, they often pinched his cheek, held him, almost loving him like their own child.

This continued on until Thomas started growing up, a 12 year old, face full of acne is not as interesting as a baby. He would spend most of his time after school alone in that same room, peeking through the holes in the walls meant for the others to observe the show. He would observe the men who stared at his mother silently, slightly pulling away her thong to put in bills, doing whatever they can to get her attention and wrote down his thoughts. Almost like an explorer discovering a new land, doing his best to understand what pushed these men to do what they did. What drove them. Over the next few years he noticed patterns, similarities in each and every one of them. He would pay close attention to their expressions, this is what fascinated Thomas the most.


[align=justify]By the time he was 14, he stopped going to his mother's strip club. He was finally old enough to be on his own. His mother quickly stopped paying as much attention to him as she used to, and with liberty came even more exploration.

He started skipping school, he would go out with people he assumed were friends. He experimenting with drugs, alcohol and all the things he saw the men doing at the club. And yet, he would still have an eye open for details, still trying to determine people's expressions on a constant basis.

His obsession lead him down a path that changed his life forever. He started exploring the, at the time illegal, internet poker.

He wanted to prepare himself, he felt confident at reading people and who they are, he knew this was a key skill to have in the game, all he needed now was strategy and practice. He decided to play online on his mother's horribly slow computer, until he would turn 21 and be able to go to the casinos.

After a while, and a lot of money invested, Thomas fell into debt. He owed money to friends, but despite that continued borrowing some from others.

He learned from his months of failure and turned out to be a success. He started earning a decent amount of money on a regular basis, enough to enjoy life a bit more without having important financial restraints.

This quickly lead him to become better, earn more. It drove him later down when he went to earn more in the casinos. While waiting, he equally exploited his talents on women, jumping from one to another, not caring about any real relationships. Only meaningless, and sometimes violent sex.

Every woman he was with, was a new experience. He grew obsessed with experimenting his different desires, always pushing his limits. Soon regular “sex” with a woman wasn’t enough, the sensations he was having weren't sufficient for him, his experimentation lead to pain and suffering.


On his 21st birthday, he did not organize anything with the few friends he had nor did he did not have a date with another woman. No, he was waiting in front of the Wynn casino. The moment his watch past midnight, he threw his cigarette on the ground, crushing it with his foot as he walked through the Wynn’s doors.

He sat down at a 2$ big blind table, ordered a glass of whiskey, and waited for his hand to be dealt. The first hand he received was a pair of kings, reinforcing his belief that he was made for this game the moment he peaked at his hand. He lost that hand, in fact he was so sure of himself, he needed to lose. The table then saw him as a fish, and started picking him clean. However it didn’t take Thomas long to learn from his mistakes, over the next year he quickly starting earning the money he dreamt of.

For the next couple of years, he lived like a king. He had all the women he could ever want, an amount of drugs not even he could finish in a lifetime, living from one 5* hotel room to another. He had it all. The games grew dull to him overtime, and he wanted something different.

He decided to take a step back from poker, and started looking for a place to buy. A place he could turn into a secret, different area. After a period of searching with real estate agents, he had found it.

The place was simple, there was a small building above ground right at the edge of town, Thomas already had pictures of it being his bar / waiting room. This new palace came with a perfect advantage, it had a very large underground bunker right under it, that came with the property.

It was perfect for him, he immediately bought it at the selling price, no questions asked, no negotiations held.


[align=justify]Over the next few months all of his time was dedicated to what he called “The Hole”. He turned it into his own little perfect Utopia. A Utopia he was soon ready to share with others. The ones who needed the same thing as him. He transformed the underground bunker into a tunnel of various rooms for all fantasies. Some simplistic, a bed with a drawer of sex toys, others with chains on walls, cages in the corners, racks filled with whips, floggers, ball gags. He even had a large space with different areas reserved for couples who wished to share their experience with strangers.

Weeks later his business started kicking off. The bar would fill up with couples looking to experience new things, some in private, some with others. Thomas felt yet again like a king, but this time it was different. People would come to him to express their secrets, not try to hide them behind a pair of cards.

As the years went by, hundreds of submissive women willing to let him do whatever he wanted with them, the feeling of boredom began to set in. Every woman he met knew him, they knew what he liked, and always gave it to him hoping to be the one. The one to be able to tame him, keep him for themselves, always in vain. Thomas never felt the need or will to attach himself to one partner, when he could have them all.

In 2012, he spent much of his time browsing the internet, letting his employees take care of The Hole. Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, he wasted his time, not knowing what to do. Until the day he fell onto an AMA on Reddit. I AM A SELF ACCOMPLISHED MAN I HAVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU WANT, AMA.

For some reason the thread made him curious, Thomas was also self accomplished but mostly the second part of the title made him click. This lead him to discover John’s forums. Half a year later, being very involved in John’s internet community, he took up on his offer to move to Chernarus, joining the "New Era".

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Pretty fucked up guy tbh

Great read, was interesting reading such an eccentric character ;)

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Loving it, uSx. The layout is really cool too <3

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Man, this was an awesome read! The layout is fantastic and the music really gave me a nice image of how these events would've played out in real life.

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