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unable to locate a running instance of steam (Possible rant ahead)

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So everything was working fine yesterday, or its 4 am now so i guess technically 2 days ago.

Tonight, once again, technically earlier this morning, I started having some issues. For example i would play dayz and i had obs up and all of a sudden BAM game F***ing crashes and i get the WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR as i have gotten in the past but after restarting that was usually the end of it for a while. 

HOWEVER this time round i would restart it and guess what...F***ing crashes AGAIN and THIS TIME there are some different error messages, i cant remember what they are, and i keep restarting it and i cant stay in game for FIVE FREAKING MINUTES without this BULLS**T happening.

Maybe a virus right? I run a virus scan on windows defender on the (not so) quick scan which took ONE F***ing HOUR to do and nothing turned up

SOOOOO eventually i just restore my PC to the last point i could where everytthing was fine and dandy in the motherland, the 15th i think. Before a windows update.

I think i remember hearing that the WHEA error means that there may be a problem with windows and a program etc etc.

So i system restore it to that date and guess what...NOW i get unable to locate a running instance of steam...FML

I have verified the integrity of game files, un and re installed dayz and the same s**t happens again. So i un and re install steam and thats when i decided to see if any of you geniuses, and im not being sarcastic here i have actually gotten better and faster responses here than reddit, could see whats wrong. 

I have spent LITERALLY HOURS trying to figure this out. I have an expensive and excellent quality PC and it pisses me off that this sh*t is happening to me. PLEASE help me so i can get some sleep and sanity back. Thank you

(end rant)

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Have you googled the specific error message/code word for word? I find that usually finds my fixes. If you've already done that another tech savvy member of the community might be able to help you.

I doubt it's a virus - it's either the Windows update has caused some sort of corruption/registry error - or your hard drive has fucked up. If it persists - you might have to do a complete rollback of your OS or Steam, but that's pretty drastic.

Also if you're going to ask for help post a bulleted list of:

Your operating system

Hardware (all of it)

Date it occurred

The path steam is installed

Any third party programs you might be running that work with Steam (stuff like Overwolf, Shadowplay etc.)

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I did a little search of my own but could not come up with anything solid.

is there a chance you could post images of the errors you're getting for this?

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OK so i un and re installed steam, verified integrity of game files and now its working fine, however i have to go and do some stuff so i dont know if the game will crash after playing the game. I suppose if the game does crash i could just post another troubleshooting thread unless the moderators would like to keep this thread open in case such an event were to occur

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Since you have fixed your problem I will go ahead and /solve this but leave it open in case the problem comes back.

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