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To all Local Traders of the SZT (Private Frequency)

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*Lucious turns on his radio*

Hello Local traders of the South Zagoria Trading Company, I'm looking to begin weekly meet ups of all the local traders in this community so we may go over the sales and success of our trade.

*you hear a slight cough*

The purpose of this is for me to start regulating the trade and making it more efficient for the company. I hope you can all understand that in doing this some of you may be assigned to travel and trade while others will set up in a town working out of that specific town.

*A fire starts to crackle in the background*

Ummm.... Oh another thing the location. It will be held in Lexington and roles of the traders will change weekly with each meeting, If you don't have the time to show up let me know ahead of time.

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