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Mic Muting Itself Issue Fix

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So today I encountered an issue where my microphone will mute itself at random times. This is caused by malware that can be obtained by some applications like TS. So I did some research and found a reddit thread to fix the issue. But to make it simpler I will explain it here! I made this in hopes that if anyone has this issue as well it can be resolved quickly and you can get back to playing!

First off you will need to download a free program: https://www.malwarebytes.com/

It is free and no it will not harm your computer I promise you.

The next part is very simple, install the program and then when it's finished it will immediately open and then you will run a scan

After it is done scanning it you then click "Show Files" and it will show all files that are a threat to your system.

After that click "remove files" and it will do so

Finally restart your computer and it should be working perfectly

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Never had this issue personally, but I guess that's why I use malwarebytes regularly anyway. Will keep this in mind though!

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