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Robbery Today in Zelenogorsk (Open Frequency)

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*An American accented voice speaks through the radio on an open frequency, which displays what little regard he has for privacy. To those who recognize the voice, it can be heard as Joseph Crimson. To those who don't recognize the voice, you hear a complaining American. As if those aren't already common enough...*

"So today I got robbed in Zelenogorsk alongside my buddy Nathan. Two dudes in decked out, full military gear came out of the woodwork carrying an AK rifle and a MP5K, told us to get down and all that stuff. They know who they are. Y'know what's really interesting though? They stole exclusively my handgun and all my ammunition, but no food, medical supplies, or even explosives, which I was carrying at the time. Infact, they dumped out a huge amount of raw food in order to carry my ammunition. Weird right? So either they're robots or they're just dickheads. I'm willing to bet dickheads. Anyway, I'm not a guy who holds a grudge. If you're listening, mind telling me your name perhaps? I'm not hunting, I just want to know who it was so I can make an exception for you if I ever see you get shot. I am a doctor after all. Well, to anyone who may be listening and wants to do some Chernarus justice, the guy with the AK is probably using my drum magazine I had. I'll be listening."

*The American accented voice stops speaking. It could be safe to assume he's probably listening for a response from either some edgy kid who thinks he's cool and will probably tell him to "get over it this world isnt fair haha" or from someone being a general ass. It's hard to tell nowadays, but he certainly does hope that he'll get a response from the man, or men, that he is trying to contact as he sits idly by a fire, warming up after the storming rain.*

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