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Summary - My first day

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Hey there community! Just wanted to let you know how my first day on DayZRP was!

*Spawns in Conheybin*

Meet's 2 geared guys, they show me directions to Elektro, gave me an 1911 with mag, so trustworthy.

>> Elektro

Heading towards PD to gather supplies, find's walkie talkie. Shoot's zombie on way out, gets swarmed, killed 8 more..

>> Cherno

At PD in Cherno, Found a battery, "Yes!" 

"Hello? Anyone here?"

Daniel: "Hey, hello, do you have guns? Go outside the PD"

Me: "Yeah a repeater and a p1 w mag" / "Heading out now"  *Head's to road* "Yo where are you? it sounded like you were next to me?!"

Daniel: "I dont know?! Where are you?!"

Me: "I'm at Cherno PD" 

Daniel: "Oh that's miles away man" 

#After some laughs about our fail, we held contact on the radio, Daniel made his way to green mountain and i was about to meet him there

*About half way there*

Daniel: "Oh shit, SHIT!"

That was the last i have ever heard of Daniel.... 

Part 2.....

I'm heading towards the airfield after waiting for a response of Daniel.. 

Daniel had never replied.. i feared the worst..

After getting some gear from the airfield, meeting friendly people here and there, got myself an SVD. Loot became lesser at the airfield so i decided to go to the Myshinko tents..

>> Myshinko tents

*Meets two Native Chernorussian*

Hello there! he says after killing a zombie that was chasing me.

I thank him and he asked mewhere i was born, i said i was born in Kamiwovo, and that i had a American dad, therefore my name, Curtis.

He saw this as an insult, saying i was a fake chernorussian.. 

He was intimidating, told me to get out of his sight...

>> Myshinko tents

*Sees someone in the far distance, scouts out with the SVD and PSO-1*

*Finds rounds for SVD, meets up with Josh*

Me and Josh got along quite well, he told me to join their growing faction, The Empire

Since i was a lone wolf i agreed, had not played Dayz with people in a while..

*Finds a lot more rounds 91 total, 7.62x54*

*Makes way out with Josh and Justin*

Part 3...

We make way to our home base.. Me and Josh and his brother Justin..

We climb the hill, loot the deer stand, And suddenly spot an avalanche of a 15 man squad charging at us! 

Josh: "Oooooooh shit boys! i got a bad feeling about this one! Down the hill! Just run!"

*We flee and make it out, luckily they went for the tents we just looted... Luckily, we were there first..*

We make out way down hill and notice we are a bit off course, we start to re route towards base..

>> Base

*Gathering supplies and fire wood, crafted a fireplace*

Josh was going for a 1 hour sleep, i had to guard the fortress, i see someone walk in and had a friendly conversation with him, he saw my rifle and did not do anything

I go back to my vantage point and scout out for players entering out territory..

Moments later our other members Jimmy and Seung arrive from their vantage point over Myshinko tents.. they loot and head towards base

Meanwhile i hear something, someone..

*whispers* "Heyy.." 

I was unsure, was it my radio.. or was it someone..

After a few minutes shouting towards some air, he decided to show up.

I told him about our faction, his friend came and joined our conversation.. i told them about the 15 man squad as they left for the tents..

Later on..

A friendly Medic stumbled our way, he was interested in our faction and so he joined..

After looting another military compound we went back to base.. gathering our members

We decided to make way to the airfield and get a tent.. jimmy left his backpack behind in order to carry it..

Mike was too tired.. he had to sleep..

*I am still sleeping*

Rest in peace Daniel, you will be missed...

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I like that. My first day we took a Russian guy as our slave and sold him for a SVD. xD

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I like that. My first day we took a Russian guy as our slave and sold him for a SVD. xD

Hahahh! Good times :P

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