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Altar Radio - with Caddy Cadillac 87.8 [Open Frequency]

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*Caddy Reclines in his squeaky studio chair, the sun setting behind the Altar Radio tower*

"Well hello there, oh my big beautiful Chernarus! This is Caddy Cadillac, back on the air, back in your ears, back in your hearts. Me and the Altar Radio staff got some of these space age wonders here in the radio station up and running - it took a lotta batteries - and if ol' Caddy ain't mistaken, we have mastered the art of recording broadcasts! 

That's right folks; be it a dead battery, a stolen radio, or just being out of range of the best damn radio station left in the land, you may have missed one of ol' Caddy's live broadcasts. Well no more faithful listener, because we are gonna be running all the greatest hits from ol' Caddy and Uncle Jimmy on a loop on this here frequency - to keep you, oh beautiful listener, company whilst the flesh-and-blood Caddy is taking a nap, a shit, or restocking my beer supply.

In the meantime Chernarus, keep up the good fight, and keep this frequency close to your ear - cause even if I ain't home right now, I'm not far gone - and I'm always up for a chat.

Stay Beautiful Chernarus!"


*A Rasputin opens in a spray of foam as Caddy Switches on the tape recorder and reclines beneath his hat* 

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*Pulls hand out of snare trap and holds button down*

I went to Altar 3 suns past. No one there. Will any person be there?

*releases button, then realizes other hand is stuck in snare trap*

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*Caddy inclines toward the studio microphone*

"Abso-lutely my man! We broadcast most nights around 21:00 hours - if you missed me on your last visit my deepest apologies! I was either out gathering batteries for the generators or snoozing on the roof. But swing on by the next time you're in the area and ol' Caddy will have a beer with your name on it! And remember to bring me a few good stories from your wild wanders!"

*The radio man's rant suddenly descends into cursing as he realises his Rasputin has gone flat*

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