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A Message to Dr. Hope Pisces [Private Frequency]

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*As the sun is coming up, Talyn, next to Alex, plugs his radio into the Altar array. Slowly rising in posture, giving himself confidence, he grabs the radio and holds down the button*

This is Talyn Franz broadcasting to a Dr. Hope pis.. Pic, err Pisces? Is it? We've heard of a group named L.I.F.E. from a man claiming he is a free medic. My friend and I were recommended to join which is why we are currently broadcasting to you. I am a field medic whilst Alex Field here was a hunter and would like to help defend the medics assisting other survivors. If you can hear us please give us a response on the frequency 83.2. We are eager to hear if you can provide us with an opportunity to assist survivors in this blasphemous wasteland. Stay safe, Talyn Franz, Over.

*Talyn releases the button, with a sigh of relief, he looks at Alex, who looks eager for the chance to commit to a faction*

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