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Doc Phlox

Japanese Funk Appreciation Thread

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Hey there all you beautiful people,

So who here likes to listen to awesomely funky music? We all should be raising our hands at this point (and if not, I weep for you). But anyway, for the past few months I have been exposed to this great type of music lost to people of my age and location. And that is Japanese Funk from the 1980's. I am talking about T-Square, Toshiki Kadomatsu, just to name but a few. This stuff is so addictive, really nice bass, good beats and awesome Japanese lyrics with random phrases in English. I mean, we all need great music to sit back and chill to, whether it be playing games, poking smot, having a beverage or just with friends.

Anyway, I am creating this thread to not only post some videos so others can enjoy these gems of sound, but also to see if others have any good examples of Japanese Funk from the 80's/90's. I am going to post some artists that I like, and if you guys know of any others please feel free to post them on up. Appreciate these beauties and feel free to comment on how silly you think this is.

Hope you guys/gals enjoy :)






Sorry for the amount of videos, I can't stop myself, plus it is for your enjoyment :)

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I can dig this man.

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