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Stephen Scully's Background

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I know a couple people here liked my character page, so I figured I might as well post it here!

        Stephen Scully was born in 1987, alongside his best-friend Robert in the same hospital room. Stephen lived an ordinary American childhood, stay at home mom and a Father that worked well into the evening. Stephen's dad was stressed, always seemed to be in a bad mood, and had a hell of a temper. As mad as Stephen's dad would get, he never laid a finger on his wife or children. Eventually, stress takes it's toll on a person.


        In 1998, Police rushed to the suburban household to find a mother and father dead alongside a mutilated 11 year old child. It began when Stephen's father returned home late from a night of work. Stephen was already in bed, his mother sat in the living room reading. Stephen's father came in the door with a medium sized duffel bag. Stephen's father is greeted with the warm embrace of his wife, he mumbles, "So... Cold... I need to be warm..." Stephen's father reaches into his pocket and jams a knife into his wife's abdomen, then pushes her away. She falls and hits the floor, screaming. Stephen's father closes the door behind him, grasping the handle of the duffel bag on his way in. he calmly, with a smile in his face, puts his mouth over his wife's mouth to silence her. Stephen wakes up from the banging and screaming echoing from downstairs. He cowardly shuffles his way to the top of the stairs to where he can see the front door and living room. Stephen's mother is struggling frantically on the ground, blood oozing slowly down her blue dress from the blade onto the hardwood floor. Stephen's father takes his other hand and reaches into the duffel bag, then exposing a roll of duct tape. He grabs the end with his teeth wraps it around his wife's head, sealing her mouth shut. He then glances to the top of the stairs, where his eyes meet Stephen's.

        Stephen, stricken with fear, stumbles backwards sheepishly into his room. His father steadily climbs the stairs, holding the duct tape in his right hand. As he climbs the stairs, he makes sure to hit the heel of his leather shoe a bit harder onto each stair. He then gets to the door of Stephen's room. Stephen's father then looses the smile on his face, then reaches out for Stephen's doorknob, but then stops himself. Muffled crying can be heard coming from the inside of the room. Stephen's father exclaims, "Stephen! You must help me! your mother is badly hurt! I need to use the phone, can you watch her for me?" a moment passes, "Please Stephen.". Stephen moves slowly to the door, then opens it. His father isn't there though. Stephen hears his voice from downstairs, "Hello? is this nine-one-one?... Yes, I have an emergency.". Fooled by his own father, Stephen rushes down the stairs, his bare feet smacking the stairs as he reaches his mother's writhing body. His father hangs up the phone, then walks towards Stephen. Stephen, not paying any attention to his father, drops to his knees next to his mother. Stephen's pajamas soak up the crimson red blood into the knees of the pants. Looking into his mother's brown eyes, he notices his Father's reflection approaching. He turns his head, only to be greeted with a metal pan to the side of the face. Stephen collapses instantly, still breathing. 

        Stephen's father then cares for his wife's wound, stopping the bleeding. He carries his wife's almost lifeless body into the attic of their house. He then carries Stephen upstairs too. After two hours, Stephen comes back to consciousness, only to find himself bound by duct tape, gagged with an old shirt, and his eyes taped open. He looks around the dimly lit attic. He sees his father sitting in a chair, carving what appears to be a human bone. Stephen's eyes dart to his right to find his mother, hanging upside down and naked from the rafters. Her wound steadily drops blood into the growing pool below her. Stephen starts to breath heavier and heavier and tries to scream. Stephen's father slowly turns his head towards Stephen, "I'm glad you're awake. I need you to see this Stephen, you might not want to, but you need to understand, that within all of us... there lives another.. Each with their own desire. Me? I desire the warmth of blood.." Stephen's father begins to breath and stutter "T-To feel it... a-around my b-body and to t-taste and smell the iron in the a-air." He then regains his composure, "I've been suppressing this other being my whole life, I just can't hold him back anymore. I thank your mother for her one last gift to me.." He glances over towards her lifeless hanging body. He then walks towards her, dragging his feet. He reaches out his arm towards her as he approaches her. His arm begins to shake, and his mouth drops open wide. He resumes his speech to Stephen, "But you Stephen, you don't seem to have another person within you." His voice drops to a soft whisper "You're pure.. why are you so lucky?" he raises his voice to a yelling and stops walking "How come you don't have to bear this burden?!". Stephen's father closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath, exhaling slowly. He opens his eyes and extends his hand to touch the wound on his wife's stomach. He begins to speak again, "So.. I'm going to give you a burden. You're going to thirst for blood, and want to bath in it until it's unbearable." He looks towards Stephen "Now watch as I cut your mother's flesh exoskeleton to expose her sweet... s-sweet blood." He reaches into his pocket to reveal a large blade, the same used to make the first wound. He then begins to carve and stab his wife in front of Stephen. His father tortures him with his mother's corpse for days until Stephen has no expression on his face at all. After several days of torture, Stephen's father then gives the knife to Stephen and speaks, "Now it's your turn. Kill me. Then bath in my blood. Embrace the feeling.". Stephen does as he's told. After Stephen is finished with killing his father, the slightest faint of emotion comes back to his face. From the corner of Stephen's mouth, he begins to smile. 

        After the incident, Stephen went to live with his best friend Robert. Robert could tell that something wasn't quite right with Stephen since the incident. Eventually fed up with his best friend's blank look, he tries to talk to Stephen. Stephen explains how there's another person inside him who wants blood, and to kill. Stephen explains that it takes all his strength to not kill anyone. Confused and scared by what Stephen told Robert, Robert asks, "Well... where does he live inside you?" Stephen looks up to Robert and gives him a puzzled look, Stephen then says, "Well, I guess.. Up here" Stephen points to his head. Robert looks at the top of Stephen's head, then grabs a hat from his closet and places it on top of Stephen's head exclaiming, "How about that to keep him inside?". Stephen lets out a stuttered breath, then smiles and laughs for the first time since he killed his father. Stephen acts entirely normal with a hat on, but without a hat or something on his head. He's mentally unstable. At the age of 18, in an attempt to end his suffering by killing terrorists, he joins the marines in 2005. He serves for 8 years in the service. During one incident, Stephen's helmet got knocked off of his head in a roadside IED. He then proceeded to kill all three of the surviving friendly comrades around him. The marines can't find enough evidence to convict Stephen, so they dis-honorably discharge him in 2013. When Stephen returns home from the Middle east, he is blasted with the news headlines, "Traitor returns from middle east!" "Did he do it? Stephen Scully Murderer?". Aggravated by the media and others always pestering Stephen, He packs up and moves to the Chenarus-Russian border with Robert. They Live in an apartment for about a year until the outbreak. The Russians, in an effort to contain the infection, and strengthen their borders, force people living on the border of Chenarus into the country itself.

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