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[New Era] John

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Part 1

Born to a Nurse and a Joiner, John grew up in a decent living standard in England. His Father, Richard would work tirelessly from the early hours of every morning until dusk, to do his best to provide for his family, Fiona, John’s mother spent as much time as she could with him, working around her schedule.

Richard made it his purpose in life to reach out to people and do his best to help them. Regardless of how much he tried he always pushed himself to go further and do more. His son, John was the apple in his eye and Richard made sure that he would want for nothing- he tried to at least. John was unique, even as a baby. Not only did he take his first steps far earlier than his peers, but his parents could have sworn that his first words aligned perfectly into a sentence. Later on in life learning new things seemed to come easily to him, and if he struggled it would only make him work harder to master his task. He always seemed, like he knew more than everyone else, almost as if he was better and therefore destined for greatness. Richard and Fiona often repeated to him how special he was and how proud they were to be his parents.

John took all the love his parents gave him without question. Through that love he learnt that the world was his oyster and he could take from it anything his heart desired if he worked hard enough for it. He had an ambition and planned his path to accomplishing it very carefully.

He graduated Oxford University and became an architect. He then moved to London where designed and built many buildings, he made his mark and it was a great one. It didn’t take long for him to earn money, more than both of his parents earnt in a year, that fed his ambition. Job, after job, after job, building after building his legacy grew. For his first two years working as an architect,  he seldom rested, he worked as tirelessly as he remembered his father did. He had an ambition, the work was a means to achieving it. He set aside his earnings and eventually had accumulated enough to hire some people. Slowly, but surely, brick by brick, person by person he built his Empire. His wealth was growing and with it- his ego. He paid less attention to the purpose his father had tried to pass onto him. He cut himself off from his loved ones and surrounded himself by people that would fit into the picture of the John he wanted himself and others to see.

2004 was the year that would change his life forever. That was the year his father was diagnosed with Cancer, it was terminal. The news of Richard’s illness silently echoed in the back of John’s head for months before he chose to acknowledge it. There was always something more important, a pressing matter, an issue in his empire, he thought he needed to resolve before regaining touch with his parents. Almost a year later John was forced by circumstance to join his Father, but not in the context he had hoped to. John  sat beside him, in a hospital room, playing nervously with his bracelet, staring his to Richard’s dying eyes. His father looked at him and quietly started to speak:

From day one, I have given you my all, everything that I ever owned. Yet.. you have taken everything for granted. My purpose in life was never money… I made that clear to your mother, you and everyone I met. My purpose was to to help. To do more. I have kept my honor throughout my life. But you. You threw all of yours away…

Promise me son… Promise me that you will regain your it. That you will find a better purpose in life. A different one than money. Do the world some good. You only have a small amount of time in this world. Please… If you will do me one thing, do what you can to help with what time you have left. Please son, for the love you bare me, find yourself again.

With a choked up face John Replied with,“I… I promise”. They spent the next few minutes in complete silence. Looking into each others eyes, smiling. The brief moment of joy was soon drowned out with the sound of Richard’s heart monitor announcing his passing. A constant, flat sound was his father’s last mark on the world. John sat there, holding his father's hand. He sat motionlessly, for what felt like a lifetime, going back over his father’s words and putting his life in their context, coming to understand his errors. Seeing how he should have treated life. He squeezed Richard’s hand once more and whispered, “I promise”. He got up, removed his suit jacket and walked out of the room to where his mother and uncle awaited him. Struggling for words, his mother walked over and hugged him. He whispered to her, “I’m sorry… I’m Sorry I’ve been blind for so long… But no more…” He took a step back, smiled to Fiona and after wiping away the tear falling down her cheek walked out of the building.

He returned to his empire. Staring out of his office window and playing with his bracelet he began to reminisce about what he accomplished. The money he had accumulated. The houses he had built. The sick he had cured. The people he had saved. But still, he felt an emptiness. He knew he needed to do more, but first he needed to find himself.

Part 2

Coming Soon


Emile - Lore

Mara - Proof reading and Grammar Nazi

Gina - Screenshot

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Great work Emile and Mary! Loving the work you are doing on our leader john :3

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John is... awesome <3

No, he is God.

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Emile can write? :troll:

It's pretty good man keep it up!

You wound me....

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So when are you telling us who actually wrote this?

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